The only downside to Metairie food paradise Atomic Burger was that the restaurant’s signature taste and flair was exclusive to those who reside within the boundaries of the Big Easy for five years running.

Now, with the opening of a new location on Burbank Drive, a whole new community is able to experience first-class burgers and an ambiance and service that is second-to-none.

Featured as one of the 100 best burgers in America, according to Thrillist magazine, Atomic Burger has given New Orleans its fair share of quality food at a reasonable cost and affordable time.  Boasting natural fresh beef and a plethora of sides, including shakes frozen in liquid nitrogen, the joint finally makes its presence known in a brand-new city.

Co-owner Joe Spitale, who graduated from the University of New Orleans alongside his brother and other co-owner Nick, commented on the mantra that he founded the basis of Atomic Burger upon — namely how fast food was not particularly being held accountable by the eyes and taste buds of the general public.

“Atomic Burger started with the idea that fast food was broken, particularly the burger segment of fast food,” Spitale said. “Basically, burgers shouldn’t really cost like a dollar or $2 or $3, and if they do, you really have to wonder what you’re eating and what compromises have been made along the way… Everything’s cooked to order – burgers, fries, even the shakes are frozen to order with liquid nitrogen, so we wanted to take a basic, elemental approach to fast food, hence the name Atomic Burger.”

Atomic Burger_4_22_19_SC_

Atomic Burger operates during normal buisness hours on Monday, April 22, 2019 on Burbank Drive.

At either location, one can immediately notice the minimalist atmosphere that Atomic Burger leans on.  It’s a simple and subtle statement — they’re dedicated to no-frills cooking. Spitale believes it is best this way.

“I think we wanted it to be a comfortable place, so contemporary but not sterile. I think we wanted to give sort of a nod back to a time when food was simpler, right? And less processes and less manipulated,” Spitale said. “And so, those were sort of our design goals.”

A deliberately simple menu at the register outlines the certain types of burgers one can order, from the Green Chile Burger to a pair of sliders.  And Atomic Burger keeps those who don’t prefer to eat meat in mind. They host a wealth of options for vegans, Keto followers and gluten-free advocates.

“We also offer a cauliflower bun, which we make in-house, that’s also gluten free,” Spitale said. “A number of our shakes are gluten free, so even on the existing menu, we have really a number of options for people on dietary restrictions.”

To campus life, Atomic Burger is geographically a no-brainer — a new piece to the continuing development that grows on the intersection of Burbank and Ben-Hur. There is potential for a fresh meal inbetween the rigor of the college schedule. In addition to these perks, Spitale said the staff is considering fielding the possibility of including TigerCash as a form of payment in the coming months.

The opening of a second Atomic Burger location in Baton Rouge is a special sight to see because of the special care and treatment that Spitale and his staff puts into each order.  In fact, Spitale is still making sure all is well even after the building opened its doors.

“We’re grateful for the response that we’ve received from Baton Rouge,” Spitale said. “My brother and I feel like that level of interest and excitement in a restaurant comes with great responsibility so we made the decision to hold off on opening the drive-thru fully until we increase our staffing levels sufficiently, get our new team members properly trained, so that we can really control the quality, control our service standards, and make sure that everything’s done in

accordance with our vision.”

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