Mardi Gras is upon us and everywhere you turn, there’s another king cake. King cakes come stuffed with your choice of goodies — from cream cheese to apple cinnamon — and in all shapes and sizes.

Baton Rouge is home to some very unique takes on the classic Mardi Gras dessert. The Zulu cake from Ambrosia Bakery is a crowd favorite, stuffed with coconut spread, cream cheese and chocolate chips.

One unique way to experience king cakes this season is with a variety of flavored drinks. Abita makes king cake flavored soda, a cinnamon drink that’s best served over your favorite vanilla ice cream.

CC’s Coffee House serves a king cake latte, which makes for a great Mochasippi.

For those of age, Mudbug Brewery makes King Cake Ale, a golden spiced ale with just a hint of cinnamon, and there’s a number of distilleries producing king cake vodka.

But many believe that none of the vodkas are worth the money. They’re too high in alcohol content and too low in flavor, but if you absolutely must partake this Mardi Gras season, Taaka is your best bet.

If milkshakes are your poison, there’s no shortage of Mardi Gras options. Sonic makes a Mardi Gras shake, but Fat Cow’s king cake shake is better. Their shake isn’t too sweet, and has a cinnamon spice kick that sets it apart from its mass-market competitor.

Snowbiz Snowballs has been setting up pop-up shops to keep customers satisfied until their April 1 reopening. Their “Mardi Gras Mambo” dessert is king cake flavored, stuffed with ice cream, and topped with a piece of king cake and condensed milk. It’s a delicious treat available on the select Fridays Snowbiz pops up at a new location.

There are many places in Baton Rouge to get a classic king cake, but Tredici Bakery has the most eclectic and beautiful options by far.

The Italian bakery has a number of Mardi Gras desserts available, including their famous pull-apart king cake. Each cake comes with a cream cheese dip, but buyers can choose from eight different dips, including bananas foster and s’mores. Tredici also makes king cake fudge, donuts and festive macarons.

By far the weirdest king cake this year is made by City Pork. They’ve got two interesting options: a savory boudin king cake made with City Pork boudin, bacon, a pepper jelly glaze and a dusting of cracklin, and a bacon praline king cake.

No matter your taste, Baton Rouge has a wide variety of king cake desserts available this Mardi Gras season.

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