3.5.19 creole cabana
With the current poke and pho boom in Baton Rouge, Creole Cabana is adding more variety to the ever-expanding culinary scene of the city. 

The restaurant, which opened in 2018, functions as the anchor store to Baton Rouge's first retail recreational and entertainment development, The Oasis, which provides 5,000 square feet of open-air patio space as well as 7,000 square feet of indoor restaurant space. A patio bar outside the restaurant and sandy beach volleyball court are some of the amenities in the vicinity.  

The island-inspired eatery is part of Sammy’s Restaurant Management Group, joining Baton Rouge staple Sammy’s Grill. Unlike Sammy’s, Creole Cabana pays homage to the cuisine of the Creoles that lived in the Caribbean islands before migrating to Louisiana, encompassing a different range of flavors and less fried foods.  

3.5.19 creole

From smoked brisket tacos to oysters from the oyster bar and jerk chicken and dumplings, the Creole Cabana menu infuses the Creole known to Louisianans with Caribbean flair. Other items include fried mac n’ cheese, plantain chips, Caribbean BBQ brisket and Creole lobster ravioli.  

“The best way to describe it is island comfort food but with a refined presentation,” said Erin Amadeo, Marketing Director for Sammy’s Restaurant Management. “Lots of tacos, et cetera, but don’t think Mexican. The flavors are totally different.” 

3.5.19 creole

The restaurant’s patio bar features live entertainment, with some of the upcoming shows including Hai Karate, Chris LeBlanc Band, Pocket Change and MJ & The Redeemers. It also features Baton Rouge's largest outdoor theater screen. 

The relaxed atmosphere of the restaurant, an endemic trait of Caribbean islands that run on island time, is an ideal match for The Oasis and Baton Rouge. The eatery is closed for lunch Monday through Thursday but offers happy hour specials on those days, in addition to weeknight drink specials. Currently, customers can place orders through the Waitr delivery service. 

3.5.19 creole cabana

When asked about the possibility of eventually franchising Creole Cabana, Amadeo teased that it’s never out of the question.  

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