3.5.19 eye spy

There’s no escaping the exciting atmosphere of Eye Spy Escape Rooms, a foray into the ever-popular escape room novelty that lives to serve the Baton Rouge community.

Situated on Perkins Road and minutes from the University campus, Eye Spy offers a literal sense of escapism with minimal gimmicks and maximum enjoyment. Offering sessions for groups of two to eight people, the establishment finds itself as an ideal destination for gatherings like parties and team events.

Emery Lancaster, owner of Eye Spy, believes that her business is advantageous in the fact that it doesn’t rely heavily on the notion of technological overload in escape rooms — in addition to there being only three rooms, as traditional and as accessible to all age levels as they come.

“Eye Spy Escape Rooms has three different rooms to experience,” Lancaster said. “Our rooms are not scary or claustrophobic. Our puzzles provide codes and keys to open our locks.  We don’t use much technology within our rooms … we think there’s a lot of satisfaction in finding a code, putting it into a lock and then pulling it open to reveal your next clue.

The rooms are three diverse adventures, promising a different set of obstacles and a collection of trickery all their own.

One such room is Casino Heist, which involves the players as they attempt to pull off a robbery in a luxurious casino. Swaddled in puzzles and featuring live actor interaction, the room is a total immersion into a fascinating scenario.

3.5.19 eye spy

Another is The Baker Street 5, a room based on the adventures of famed fictional detective Sherlock Holmes. The theme has players racing to find Sherlock as he goes in hot pursuit of a murdering gang member before time runs out.  

The last is WW3: The Conspiracy Theory, a delve into a new world that wonders if the possibility of global warfare lies in one event. Participants have to defuse the schemes of a rogue CIA officer before her plans of starting WW3 are fully realized.

Lancaster believes Eye Spy Escape Rooms has something to offer everyone, and the convenient Perkins Road location along with a tendency to cater to most of the vast demographics that Baton Rouge houses gives the business no reason to lock up anytime soon.

She offered words of advice for those who are relatively unacquainted in the art of picking locks, solving riddles and cracking codes.

“If you haven’t done an escape room, it’s time to try it out,” Lancaster said.  “It only takes an hour. If you’re good it will take less!”

3.5.19 eye spy

One only needs to look at the mission statement of the establishment to see what Lancaster and the rest of the staff want to provide to the city of Baton Rouge: “Fun comes first!”

Contact with Eye Spy Escape Rooms can be made through their Instagram page, @eyespyescapebr, or through their Facebook page.

Editor's Note: This story has been updated to reflect that Emery Lancaster is a woman

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