Wiener dogs aren’t really known for their speed, agility or natural athletic prowess. In fact, they are usually just known for their long bodies and tiny legs. However, the wiener dogs who competed at the annual Wiener Dog Race at the New Orleans Fairgrounds Race Course and Slots set out to show what they can do.

On March 9, over 40 wiener dogs competed against each other in five different heats in order to determine who the fastest wiener is. The race is presented by Double “M” Feed, Garden & Pet Supply. The contestants of the race were given free dog treats and gift baskets that were sponsored by American Natural Premium and Double M Feed.

The wiener dogs raced almost exactly like you think they would. With a whole lot of heart and a lot of going off course. The owners of the dogs would wait at the finish line and try to bribe and get the attention of their pups with treats and squeaky toys.

Some of the dogs were also dressed in cute costumes that may or may not have hindered their ability to race. One wiener dog named Cowboy was dressed just like his namesake, along with his own little animal print cowboy hat. A lot of the others just had on simple racing bibs with their numbers on them.

The overall winner of the Wiener Dog race was a local New Orleans wiener dog named Andouille, or Douie for short. His owners are Jon and Camille


“It was Andouille’s first ever race, and it shocked us how well he did,” Jon DeTrinis said. “He is either a natural or he just really wanted the Popeyes chicken I had in my pocket at the finish line.” 

Unlike other animal races, such as horse and greyhound races, there was no betting on the racers. However, the winning wiener and their owner were given a $500 prize and free dog food. The New Orleans Fairgrounds Race Course and Slots also offers other unique races such as camels and other breeds of dogs.

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