Named after writer Charles ‘Hank’ Bukowskiowski and one of his lovers, Cupcakes, pop-rock band Hank & Cupcakes hit Voodoo Music and Arts Experience fresh off of their second album “Ca$h 4 Gold.”

The duo comprised of Sagit Shir and Ariel Scherbacovsky brought with them the sound and style of an entire band.

Shir, or Cupcakes, hammered away at the drums while standing up and singing. To Oct. 30’s performance she wore rainbow sneakers, hot pants and a bright bandeau.

Meanwhile, Scherbacovsky, or Hank, played his bass guitar, coordinating it with different pedals. He had on printed black and white pants and a long, green jacket.

Both of their outfits were accompanied with colorful face paint.

"We want to be edgy. We want to cross boundaries, and we want to be creative all the time," Shir said.

She said this creative mindtranscends through their stage presence, their artistic ability and their style.

They find a lot of their ensembles at thrift shops around the country while they're touring, Shir said. They've toured for their newest album for an entire year, driving themselves across country.

Touring is a labor of love for Hank & Cupcakes.

"We're very lucky that we love each other and get along really well," Shir said.

The two met in Israel while they were playing in a military band. Shir said that where they're from, everyone had to join the military.

The duo said that they've felt artistically influenced by the many places they've lived and visited.

Shir said she grew up moving from Australia to Israel, and while together, Shir and Scherbacovsky lived in Cuba. After immigrating to America, they lived in New York for seven years.

They currently reside in Atlanta, Georgia, while they work on their next album.

"We were ready to get inspired by a new place," Shir said.

They played a few songs from their upcoming album at Voodoo, "Cheap Thrill" and "Kiss Your Face."

Hank & Cupcakes will be playing in Louisiana again when they come to Baton Rouge to play at Chelsea's Cafe on Nov. 12.

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