10/19/16 News Stands

A PETA ad calling on the University to take a stand against a University professor's animal research was published in the Jan. 9 print edition of the Reveille's newspaper. 

The Reveille is an independent entity of the Office of Student Media in the Manship School of Mass Communication, and the Reveille maintains a firm separation between paid advertisements and editorial content.

Furthermore, an advertiser's message is its own, and the Reveille editorial staff does not have the authority to reject an ad or edit its message.

The Reveille reported in September 2018 that professor Dr. Christine Lattin's animal research involved the torment and killing of thousands of house sparrows, according to PETA. We spoke to both a PETA representative and Lattin to ensure fair coverage. We then published two letters to the editor — one that emphasized the importance and necessity of animal research and one that stated scientific progress is not made with inhumane, unethical animal experimentation

Natalie Anderson is the editor in chief of The Daily Reveille. She's a senior journalism student minoring in political science and psychology. She can be reached at editor@lsureveille.com.

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