9-9-2017 LSU Tailgaiting

LSU fans tailgate before the first home game on Saturday, Sept. 9, 2017, at the Parade Ground.

In light of the unprecedented trampling on the constitutional rights of innocent Greek member students without due process by LSU President F. King Alexander, I’m encouraging the Greek community to resist mightily. While the despicable Greek Life “Week of Reflection” memo is comprehensive, they didn’t cover everything. 

I exhort all Greeks, current students and alumni, to have a day of disobedience on gameday this Saturday. The most outrageous act would be to simply go to the Parade Ground and game as normal. What are they going to do? Suspend everyone? 

Alexander reminds me of Dean Wormer in Animal House who, when in frustration exclaimed, “No more fun of any kind,” as the members of Delta marched triumphantly out of the disciplinary hearing.  

Delta Kappa Epsilon could hang an appropriate sheet on their house. The Deke sheets are biting commentary and often are classics. It could say something like, “See you in court,” or “King got your tongue?” I’ll leave that up to the experts. 

Perhaps even more effective is if all Greeks wore duct tape over their mouths on gameday in protest. They could assemble in groups of less than 10 and simply cover all of the tailgaters. This would generate lots of conversation, most of which would be favorable to them. 

Finally Greeks should immediately halt all donations to LSU and its foundations until this wicked edict is consigned to the dustbin of history. Geaux Tigers! 

L. Paul Hood, Jr. ’81, ‘86 

Proud member of Lambda Chi Alpha 

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