Mozi is a new social media app being developed by LSU alumni.

LSU graduates are preparing for the launch of Mozi, a social media app with the vision of improving communications throughout daily activities.

“Making plans with your friends and sharing what you’re up to will be easier than ever,” said Jonathan Nester, an LSU alumnus working on Mozi.

The Mozi team is built of mostly LSU graduates including Nester, Andrew Bryson, Chris Harsch and Ben Nguyen. They also have a group of interns to help with the workload.

Noticing the pitfalls of other social media networks inspired Nester and the Mozi team to begin the project.

“After working, managing and owning establishments in the service industry for several years and using social media, we realized social media doesn’t compliment the process of going out and doing things,” Nester said. “We just wanted to come up with a better way of communicating and socializing with your friends.”

Mozi will be an ad-free messaging app that “integrates the best features of social media to facilitate the house and going out.” The team chose the ad-free route to give the best possible experience to the users.

“‘Mozi will focus on users’ preferences, keeping them in complete control of everything they view,” Nester said.

The name Mozi was decided as a play on the word “mosey.” The name was kept simple to push the social aspect of the app.

“We’re all about getting out and socializing, and wanted a name that reflected that idea,” said Nester.

The team has plans to get Mozi into the hands of potential users to fine-tune the app before its launch.

“We will continue focus testing with LSU students and others from the Baton Rouge, New Orleans and Lafayette areas,” Nester said.

If you are interested in becoming one of the first users of Mozi, you can sign up at to be a part of the official launch in Spring 2019 on iOS and Android devices. There will also be launch parties leading up to the release.

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