10-14-2017 Game Vs. Auburn

LSU senior quarterback Danny Etling (16) leaves the field after the LSU Tigers' 27-23 victory against Auburn on Saturday, Oct. 14, 2017 in Tiger Stadium.

Before LSU kicks off from Death Valley for the final time this season, players will be with family and friends for Thanksgiving feasts.

Players will practice and stay at the facility until 1 p.m. Thursday and then head home. The out-of-state players will be spending time with the in-state player’s families.

Senior quarterback Danny Etling believes Thanksgiving is an underrated holiday with the common belief that people are already preparing for Christmas.

“You see all the Christmas movies, Christmas music,” Etling said. “And they are putting the tree up. It’s not even Thanksgiving. Everyone needs to slow their roll down. Everyone’s just jumping the gun too early. Let Thanksgiving have its moment. It’s a good holiday. It’s got football, great food — it’s got the same food as Christmas — and better weather.”

As a kid growing up in small-town Indiana, Etling is used to playing football with his 36 cousins while eating his go-to Thanksgiving meal of turkey, mashed potatoes and yams. The one food Etling didn’t realize was so popular in the south; macaroni and cheese.

“I didn’t realize mac and cheese was a big Thanksgiving thing until I got down here either,” Etling said. “I’m a huge mac and cheese guy on Thanksgiving now. Then any desert, obviously.”

The big challenge sophomore defensive end Rashard Lawrence will face this week is how to control himself on Turkey Day. Lawrence said he’s going to let loose on Thursday after not traveling home for Thanksgiving last year.

“I just don’t see how you can overlook food,” Lawrence said. “Anytime you get to eat food — a lot of food, good food — eat it. So I don’t know why people don’t talk about Thanksgiving more. I know people have Christmas, but Thanksgiving is just everything. You got the pies — ooh, don’t even get me started.”

The food Lawrence is looking forward to most?

“My momma’s macaroni and cheese,” Lawrence said. “It’s just a different taste to it. It’s just wonderful. I didn’t get to go last year, so I’m looking forward to it this year.”

Junior tight end Foster Moreau spent his childhood Thanksgivings driving up to Kiln, Mississippi, where his favorite dish would be a popular southern delicacy.  

“My favorite dish was always lump crab dip,” Moreau said. “It’s a solid dish and such a New Orleans Thanksgiving dish.”

Cranberry sauce received mixed emotions among the team with senior center Will Clapp and Moreau having differing opinions.

“I hate it,” Clapp said.

Moreau on the other hand puts cranberry sauce on different sides and entrees of his Thanksgiving day meal.

“It’s a sauce and not a stand alone dish,” Moreau said. “A sauce is supposed to add to something.  It’s not an entree, nor should it be a side.”

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