LSU student Kayne Lynn noticed problems when it came to streaming music from many different platforms, so he set out to create a universal platform of his own.

Revibe is a platform for streaming music from a collection of platforms, allowing users to queue songs from underground artists as well as connect their Spotify accounts and stream more mainstream hits. The app is still under construction, but developer Kayne Lynn is confident in the idea.

“It's a problem that I have every single day,” he said. “I don’t like switching back and forth between Soundcloud and Apple Music.”

Lynn is a junior at the University, studying finance and entrepreneurship. In his free time, he serves as the primary developer and marketing director for Revibe. He said he had his eureka moment in his Entrepreneurship 2000 course sophomore year, and since then, it truly came to life.

Lynn entered his idea into The University’s Student Incubator Venture Challenge after receiving encouragement from his classes, and he placed fifth. At this point the idea was simply that, yet it placed alongside fully fleshed out business plans.

“Three out of the four companies already had revenue,” he said. “I only had an idea and a business plan. So I’m like, ‘That’s motivation enough to keep going.’”

After receiving feedback and focusing his idea, the entrepreneur decided to center around a seamless streaming experience, while also providing a platform for underground artists.

Kayne Lynn 2.4.19

LSU finance and entrepreneurship junior Kayne Lynn stands in the Quad on Monday, Feb. 4, 2019.

“The way we make money is by artists,” he said. “That’s another unique part. We’re not going to charge users at all, we’re going to offer services for artists on the back end.”

Around a year ago, Lynn took the next step. He began learning to program using online tutorials, tweaking them to fit exactly what he wanted to do. Each feature of the app required a massive amount of research and detail work.

“I would be in my room coding for hours on end,” he said, “and I’d have one little thing and come out and show my friends.”

After working on Revibe alone for nearly eight months, Lynn decided to enlist the help of a programmer, computer science junior Riley Stephens. With both students on board, the process began to pick up and the idea slowly but surely became a reality.

“He’s programming right now,” Lynn said, “which lets me focus more on the marketing and business side of it.”

After the app started to take shape, he heard about the Get Started Louisiana Competition and took the leap. A few weeks later, he was notified that he was one of a small pool of finalists out of 60 entries.

“That’s really when we started picking up some steam,” he said.

Looking to the future, the private beta version of the app is set to be released within the next couple months, with a more public beta version following any necessary tweaks. You can sign up for beta testing at, and stay tuned for any updates by following Revibe @revibemusic8 on all social media platforms.

Lynn is anxiously awaiting the app’s release, and working to spread the word to potential users and musicians alike. Revibe is special for a whole a collection of reasons, but what stands out the most is the creator’s genuine dedication.

“You can’t do it if you don’t care about it,” Lynn said, “You can’t just start a business to make money. This is an idea I’m really passionate about.”

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