Garry Thomas Mugshot

Courtesy of East Baton Rouge Parish Prison

LSUPD arrested a man Wednesday on charges of third-degree rape in a Nov. 18 incident in Kirby Smith Hall.

Garry Thomas, 18, is accused of sexually assaulting a University student sleeping in a dorm room she shared with Thomas' girlfriend. Thomas said the act was consensual, according to the police report.

The victim told LSUPD that she, her roommate, Thomas and one of Thomas's friends were hanging out at an off-campus apartment drinking and smoking marijuana. Later in the night, she returned to her dorm with Thomas and her roommate and went to sleep.

The victim then said she was awoken by someone having sex with her. Thinking he was Thomas's friend, with whom she had earlier consented to sex, she followed him to the bathroom when he suggested they go there to continue, according to the report.

When they got to the bathroom, the student said she noticed that the man was Thomas, not his friend. She had been unable to see his face in the dark.

Thomas gave a similar account of the night's events, but instead alleges that he stayed up talking to the victim after returning to the dorm and then had consensual sex with her, stopping after he says he felt bad about cheating on his girlfriend, according to the police report.

Thomas is not a University student, according to LSU Media Relations Director Ernie Ballard.

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