In October 2018, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Harry and Meghan Markle announced their pregnancy, with the baby due sometime in Spring 2019. Since then, the public has zoomed in on the couple with a microscope, especially the Duchess. I may not be British, but I understand the public’s obsession with the royal family and any coming additions. It’s incredibly easy to recall the attention surrounding Prince George’s birth. 

Most people are elated about the new royal baby, and why shouldn’t they be? Children are blessings, and having one is an exciting event. Supporters of the royal family have been looking for clues, gender and even an exact date of birth since the pregnancy was announced.

However, not everyone feels the same positivity.

Markle has a legion of detractors who I’m almost positive want her to fall off the face of the Earth. Why? Some say it’s because she’s a celebrity at heart, which isn’t hard to believe because she’s indeed a celebrity. I’m not sure this is a reason to dislike a person you don’t know. Some dislike her because they believe fabricated tabloid stories and lies told by gold-digging family members. People can be morally incompetent and evil, including family members. Again, not a reason to dislike someone you don’t know. Some dislike her because she’s half black. I’ll leave this statement where it is.

The criticism of Markle is a stark contrast to how Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton is treated in the media and by social media users. Kate, who is next in line to be a queen consort, is almost revered by those who support her. Her naysayers are far and few. You can almost never find a critical piece on Kate or the things she does. Kate doesn’t deserve any unfounded criticism either, but the unfairness in the treatment of the two is blatant and disgusting.

Meanwhile, Markle is slammed for holding her baby bump too much. Insane, right? It’s an actual human being inside of her body, and many expecting mothers rest their hands on their stomach. It’s not only a completely normal act, but one which isn’t anyone’s business but hers. This is the kind of petty brand of criticism Markle is subject to, and it doesn’t make any sense.

Even before Markle was a royal, she displayed a giving and kind heart to the public. An advocate for gender equality and a counselor for an international charity, Markle has never shied away from philanthropy. As Duchess, she is now the patron of four charities which support vulnerable women, education, the arts and animals.

Besides, what reason is there to hate a woman who has done nothing to you?

Meghan Markle is an amazing woman and should not be diminished in the face of covert racism, blind hate or the misogyny that follows women everywhere.

Maya Stevenson is a 19-year-old English and economics sophomore from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

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