Within the shell of what once was the historic Entergy power plant, a new entertainment attraction is taking the spotlight.

Red Stick Social, a combination bowling alley, bar, venue and restaurant, is making its way into all five floors of the unique space. Without a doubt, Red Stick Social has something for everyone.

As you enter the building, you are immediately taken aback by its size. Exposed brick walls combine to form the structure of the new development, and a stage, bar and restaurant area sit immediately before you. The history structure is juxtaposed by the modern furniture and decor, but it all comes together to form a delicate balance. It’s a nod to the past, with a look to the future.

After passing through restaurant area for some upscale bar food or a gourmet cocktail, you can head upstairs to the bowling alley. Six lanes stretch before you, creating a uniquely homey vibe. It doesn’t feel commercial. Instead, it’s relaxed.

As you snake up through the remaining floors, you’re greeted with a VIP bowling lounge — four lanes in total, complete with soundproof glass for a more private feel — as well as a private events room and a rooftop patio. Each feels unique, but still cohesive.

Headed up to bowl but you need another drink? No worries. A large factor in the venue’s cohesion is the ability to order food or drinks and have them delivered directly to you, from the ground floor to the rooftop.

Owner and LSU alumnus Robert Lay says the idea for Red Stick Social came to him after he noticed a gap in what there was available to do around Baton Rouge. The choices mainly fall into two categories: college bars or restaurants.

“You didn’t have anything that was like, ‘Hey, where can I go spend a couple hours and really be comfortable?’” he said.

Lay wants to cultivate that comfortable feeling while also keeping Red Stick Social upscale, and everything in the building reflects that, from the design to the menu. Chef George Sittig is bringing the comfort food of South Louisiana to the table — with a modern twist.

The Lafayette native’s menu features a wide range of options, from Korean barbeque sliders to crawfish mac n’ cheese. Sittig draws from other cultures and experiments with flavors while also staying true to his roots, creating a menu of homestyle favorites with an unexpected punch.

His culinary creations are a perfect reflection of what Red Stick Social is all about — togetherness.

“It’s a little cliche,” owner Robert Lay said, “but Baton Rouge is supposed to be the melting pot of Louisiana, and what we’re trying to curate here is that kind of sense of community.”

Lay makes it clear that, at Red Stick Social, everyone is welcome. From a kid’s birthday to a 50th anniversary party, anyone can feel like they belong.

Red Stick Social is located at 1503 Government Street, and is set to open to the public on April 15. For more updates, follow @redsticksocial on Instagram, or visit their website at www.redsticksocial.com.

Editor's Note: An earlier version of this story mistakenly stated that Red Stick Social was located at 1509 Government Street. The Reveille regrets this error.

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