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Stars: 3.5/5

"A.P. Bio" is a well-blended comedy with a well-rounded set of characters that makes it stand out amongst other NBC sitcoms.

"A.P. Bio" stars Glenn Howerton of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” as Jack Griffin, a former Harvard philosophy professor who lost his job after a violent outburst when he failed to receive tenure. Without a job, Jack is forced to return to his hometown of Toledo, Ohio, and take a job teaching advanced placement biology at a high school.

Once he begins his job, Jack makes no effort to hide his contempt for the job, and he plans to not do any teaching while he is there. This worries the group of over-achieving honor roll students in his class, who all need the class for college credit. This creates a game of constant one-upping, as the students try to trick Jack into either teaching or getting fired, while he tries to avoid work.

The relationship between Jack and his students is what gives the show much of its heart. Despite him vehemently stating that he doesn’t care about the students or the class, Jack, on numerous occasions, helps his students overcome obstacles in their daily lives, showing he really isn’t a bad guy. However, this doesn’t stop him from using them for his personal gain.

However, regardless of his brief moments of nobility, the many flaws in Jack’s personality give the show much of its humor. Jack is a very self-righteous and nihilistic individual who thinks highly of himself. In many of his interactions, Jack acts incredibly selfish and mean, but unknowingly comes off as hilarious.

Another good thing about the show is its side characters. The trio of Stef, Michelle and Mary provide Jack with other teachers to converse with, while the principal’s secretary Helen serves as the show’s resident oddball. However, the show’s best side character is Principal Ralph Durbin, a lovable, pathetic man played by the hilarious Patton Oswalt.

And to round out the show’s cast are the students in Jack’s class. The students in Jack’s class are all, in Jack’s own words, nerds and over-achievers. There’s Sarika, the student most desperate to learn biology and Jack’s biggest adversary. There’s also Marcus, Jack’s least favorite student, which he makes abundantly clear, and Heather, a strange student who’s prone to catfishing.

It’s the interaction between all of these different characters and the clashes caused by their differences in personalities that gives the show both its humor and its char.

As of 2019, "A.P. Bio" has aired one season on NBC, with season 2 airing now on NBC and streaming on Hulu.

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