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Stars: 4/5

If you ever wanted to know how to slide into guys DMs or what type of nude you should send to your new significant other, than the “Call Her Daddy” podcast is what you’ve been looking for.

“Call Her Daddy” is hosted by roommates and best friends Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklyn. The two of them live in New York city and publish new episodes of the podcast every Wednesday. The podcast itself is part of Barstool Sports.

A typical episode of  “Call Her Daddy” can range from a short 25 minutes to over an hour. During this time Cooper and Franklyn talk about pretty much anything they want, but each episode generally focuses on a main topic. Some of these topics include sexting, cheating, drunk sex, and other sexual escapades.

The girls also answer questions from both male and female listeners alike. They also read out stories that listeners have sent in hoping to gain the girls approval. Once they read the stories, the girls give their own opinions and sometimes even tell their own stories about the topic.

The tagline for the podcast is “Exploiting their lives makes you feel better about yours” and it couldn’t be more true. Franklyn and Cooper hold nothing back, often sharing intimate details about their lives for their listeners. They speak their minds about sensitive topics and aren’t afraid to give their opinions, no matter how controversial or unpopular they may be.

The two girls also have different, yet similar personalities. They help balance each other out while also adding their own flair to the podcast. Cooper is definitely more out there and isn’t shy about spilling many details about her own sex life. At times, Franklyn is more like a listener, soaking in the advice that her friend has the say and at some points you feel she is almost taking notes and learning as well.

The girls aren’t afraid to be wild on social media either. Their instagram account @callherdaddy has 544,000 followers and the girls themselves have a large following on social media themselves. At one point, their instagram page was shut down for inappropriate content and Cooper tells the story of how she seduced a technology executive to try to get the page back up.

Each episode of “Call Her Daddy” manages to be raunchier and funnier than the last one. Franklyn and Cooper are constantly pushing the envelope and manage to make taboo and uncomfortable topics funny.

“Call Her Daddy” is available to listen to on iTunes, Spotify, and through the Barstool website. New episodes come out on Wednesdays and whatever you do, don’t listen to it while your parents are in the room.

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