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Your childhood self and current self is freaking out over the Jonas Brothers' return to the spotlight, and you're fangirling over their brand-new hit “Sucker”.

No, this isn’t some sick joke, you’re not dreaming and we haven’t turned back time to seventh grade. The Jonas Brothers have officially gotten back together, and the world is going crazy.

There has been speculation for months about the band getting back together. Many sources alleged that the group would comeback under the name “Jonas.”

This was quickly proven false when the Jonas Brothers blacked out all of their social media accounts and deleted all of their previous posts the night before announcing the single. This usually is a signal to fans telling them something new is coming. Fans also noticed the brothers, along with their families, slowly started to follow the accounts the same day.

Early Feb. 28, 2019, a date we’ll all remember forever, myself along with the rest of the world woke up blessed at the sight of the announcement of their new single “Sucker" and a music video to go along with it. Nick, Joe and Kevin, along with the official Jonas Brothers social media platforms, shared that the new single would drop at midnight.

This arguably broke the internet more than the Kim Kardashian Paper Magazine cover back in 2014. Excited fans immediately started sharing the posts of the news and their reactions to the announcement.

The second big announcement of the day was that the Jonas Brothers would be taking over “The Late Late Show with James Corden" all week next week for Jonas Brothers Week. They also released a sneak peek of their carpool karaoke video with a snippet of their single. The hashtag #LateLateJonas started trending soon after.

The brothers, as well as their new record label, Republic Records, updated their social media accounts frequently throughout the day. Republic Records posted a special Instagram countdown and the brothers did an Instagram Live on the band's main account, sharing a bit of the song.

All three of the brothers gained thousands of followers in hour, and the Jonas Brothers Instagram account hit one million, with that number still rising. They also trended individually and as a group all day on Twitter and their albums charted once again on iTunes. They even got their own emoji to go along with their hashtag on Twitter for the big day.

Early in the afternoon, the Jonas Brothers posted a teaser of the video, keeping everyone buzzing. Nick Jonas was spotted wearing a hoodie of John Stamos wearing a Jonas Brothers shirt, and fans immediately requested it as new merch. It was also announced that the brothers were wearing the new Prabal Gurung collection in the artwork for the single by the company’s social media.  

We haven’t had music from the band in five years, and back when those two singles were released, the reunion wasn’t nearly as huge. In those five years, the brothers have had many different career paths, with Kevin Jonas starting a real estate company, Joe Jonas making music with DNCE, and Nick Jonas thriving in his career as a solo artist.

The video premiered on YouTube and started with a countdown at 11 p.m. CST. Within minutes, the video had thousands of views. With a renaissance “Alice and Wonderland” feel, the video shows the brothers then almost immediately cuts to some familiar faces.

Danielle Jonas, Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Sophie Turner are all the significant others of the brothers and all starred in the music video. The video shows the couples doing outrageous activities in equally outrageous and incredible outfits. They share cute moments like singing to each other and dancing together.

The video itself has such beautiful cinematography and was well directed. I loved how it was so unique yet matched the song so well. Everything from the set to the outfits made this video a winner for me. It also warmed my heart to see them with their loved ones. It was the perfect way to illustrate the song, with the brothers being a “Sucker” for the women in their lives and doing anything to please them. At the end of the video, the couples pose for a portrait being painted, which is fitting because this video is pure art.

The song is amazing and somehow brings the nostalgia of the old Jonas Brothers music while enhancing it. It’s fun, upbeat, catchy and you’ll have it on repeat all day long.

It’s also great because it’s authentic and about the love the brothers are experiencing currently in their lives. They didn’t come back trying to sound a certain way or conform to what a boy band should sound like right now. Old and new fans alike will love this single, and that’s what’s amazing about it.

With a reunion this epic, fans can’t wait to hear more from the boy band in the near future.

I remember going to my first concert ever in 2009 to see the Jonas Brothers with my childhood best friend. Many fans are hoping for a full album from the group and eventually a tour despite all of the boy’s busy schedules and different career choices.

I’m fully prepared and hopeful for the JoBro’s new album and reunion tour. This is the only 10-year challenge I ever needed in my life. I can’t wait to catch the “Lovebug” all over again.

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