2.10.19 big mouth

STARS: 5/5

Fans thought they would have to wait for more tales of puberty from the minds of John Mulaney and Nick Kroll, but alas, their prayers were answered. The popular animated Netflix series “Big Mouth” released a Valentine’s Day special titled “My Furryy Valentine” on Feb. 8. The show released its second season Oct. 5, so this Valentine’s Day episode was a surprise for fans.

Valentine’s Day is usually pretty awkward for adults, but for the impressionable kids of Big Mouth, it can get pretty out of hand. The show perfectly taps into the awkward energy and uses it to bring big laughs throughout the entire episode.

“My Furry Valentine” is different compared to other Big Mouth episodes. First of all, it has a 42 minute run-time compared to the usual 21-22 minute run time for each episode. It also contains several musical numbers that perfectly encapsulate the awkwardness of Valentine’s Day. The episode also has several fourth wall breaks and almost treats the characters as if they are reality TV stars at some points.

Every character on the show has their own little awful situation that they have to deal with on Valentine’s Day. It also picks up where the show ended last season. The episode could almost serve as a premiere for season three if needed. The fact that it picks up where the show left off makes the episode feel organic and not just like a random special created to make more money for Netflix.

The issues the kids have to deal with during the episode are relatable, even to adults who are way past the hormone-filled pubescent part of their lives. The universal moments include anxiety over gift-giving, being alone on Valentine’s Day and having to figure out if someone reciprocates your romantic feelings. There are also some situations that hopefully nobody has ever had to deal with, like creating a fake woman out of products from Walgreen’s and deciding which of your house pillows you want to have a romantic relationship with.

The episode also allows for each character to shine on their own or in a pairing that hasn’t really been seen before. One of the highlights of the episode is the teaming up of Matthew and Jessi (played by Andrew Rannells and Jessi Glaser, respectively), a pair that has been drastically underused in previous episodes. The main characters Andrew and Nick (played by Mulaney and Kroll) are also given their own separate arcs that are equally funny and relatable.

Overall, this special episode was a perfect addition to Big Mouth and will give the fans something that will not just tide them over until season three, but will give them something to talk and laugh about for a long time to come.

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