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If the ABC’s “The Bachelor” is too much drama for you to handle, perhaps you could try the more tame version called “The Bachelor of Provo” on YouTube. “The Bachelor of Provo” is a take on “The Bachelor” with a Mormon twist. This is interesting due to how different Mormon dating practices are compared to the dating going on “The Bachelor.”

Actually, “The Bachelor of Provo” was threatened with copyright infringement from Warner Bros. Studios and changed its name to be “Provo’s Most Eligible.”  Due to this threat from Warner Bros. the show was took a short hiatus, but fear not as the episodes have resumed their regular show time of every other Friday.

“Provo’s Most Eligible” follows Brigham Young University student Colin Ross on his journey to find the perfect Mrs. Right. The contestants are women from around the Provo, Utah area and most of them attend Brigham Young University with Ross. The women are also a variety of ages with the youngest between only 18 years old and the oldest being 23 years old.

Ross himself is a 20 year old freshman at Brigham Young University and is from Gomorrah, California. Like many of the contestants, he is a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He previously served a mission in Argentina and recently returned to the states this past summer. Ross says that he never ever saw himself doing something like the show, but he is excited to see where it goes.

“Provo’s Most Eligible” follows a similar format as the mainstream “Bachelor” franchise. The show involves a lot of shots of Ross standing around in nature in a tuxedo, attempting to look attractive all while holding a rose. 

Like “The Bachelor,” “Provo’s Most Eligible” starts with the contestants pulling up in a black car to meet the bachelor. However, instead of a fancy limo like “The Bachelor,” “Provo’s Most Eligible” a black SUV gets the job done instead. The contestants introductions are not nearly as well done as the ones on the ABC show, but they are just as entertaining.

The girls on “Provo's Most Eligible” are really nice and sweet, but it also seems that they have also never talked to a boy before in their lives. One girl even walked up to Ross and said “If it wasn’t love at first sight I better walk by again.” Another girl attempts to impress Ross by singing and playing a 4 minute song on the guitar. Meanwhile, Ross just stands there awkwardly.

Ross isn’t much better either. The whole show he looks incredibly awkward and nervous. Almost like he would rather be literally anywhere else besides the show.

“Provo’s Most Eligible” is a cringey take on the dating scene of Provo, Utah. It’s entertaining to watch but also serves up a lot of second-hand embarrassment. The bachelor Ross is also no Casanova, so it’s intriguing to watch him try to interact with women.

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