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Stars: 5/5

Ben Platt’s debut album “Sing To Me Instead” beautifully reflects on his experiences with love, life and family.

I’ve been a huge fan of Ben Platt since 2012 when "Pitch Perfect" came out. He then followed to be in two of my favorite musicals “The Book of Mormon” and “Dear Evan Hansen."

Many musical theater fans only dream of their favorite vocalists making music of their own because more often than not it doesn’t happen. However, when it does happen it results in a masterpiece. I knew with Platt this would be no different, especially after the release of his first single and the opener of the album “Bad Habit."

Vocally, instrumentally and lyrically the song beautifully showcases Platt’s vulnerability and authenticity. This is a trend throughout the whole album with Platt delivering melodies and ballads that are tear-jerking and heartwarming.

“Bad Habitat” is followed by more sweet love songs like “Ease My Mind” and “Temporary Love.” These songs soulfully display a long-lasting wish for true love.

It’s rare that I love every single song from an album right off the bat, but every song intricately works together to illustrate this beautiful story that’s lyrically and vocally amazingly captured. It reminds me how great the power of song is and how strong it can be for the performer and for the listener.

Going through the album you’ll hear “Grow As We Go,” which is about going through life growing as a person with love and as someone who is loved and learning the love you share with someone else will be stronger if you grow together as time goes own. You’ll also hear “New," which is a more fun upbeat song about letting go and finding yourself or even improving yourself after seeing you became someone you didn’t want to be for love.

I can say that at the moment my absolute favorite songs come from the end of the album with the piece of the work finishing as strong as it begins.

“Share Your Address” and “In Case You Don’t Live Forever” are two of my favorites from the album.

“Share Your Address” gracefully depicts dreaming of a perfect life with your crush and shows with true love the simple things make you the happiest like waking up with the person you love and just doing everyday things with them. “In Case You Don’t Live Forever” is one of the purest love songs I’ve ever heard about declaring love for the people you care about while you have the chance to.

I can honestly say this is already one of my favorite albums and was what was needed right now for pop music. Authenticity and raw real music seem to be getting lost amidst the generic catchy made-to-play music these days. This is the important music that is screaming to be heard, but once it is will softly touch your heart and leave a huge impact.   

Actors play many different roles in their lives, but Platt took off those masks and revealed his true self through his art. This album beautifully illustrates this time in his life and showcases his voice perfectly.

The album exceeded all of my expectations and all of Platt’s songs touches the heart the way music should. The Tony Award-winning actor will be going on a 12-city tour starting in May of this year for his album and starring in Ryan Murphy’s Netflix show “The Politician” coming out later this year. It’s safe to say that Platt’s career is just getting started.

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