11/08/15 Scantrons

LSU Student Senate allocates funds to provide additional blue books and scantrons for the fall and spring examination periods.

“Just last week, I had two tests on the same day in which the teacher required students to bring their own Scantrons. I walked to the Student Union to pick some up and when I got to the desk, I was informed they ran out.”

The Daily Reveille’s Max Nedanovich described a situation all too familiar to University students in his Oct. 16 opinion article, “Lack of Scantron access on campus inconveniences students.” Now, that moment of panic might be avoidable thanks to an LSU Student Government initiative to add three additional testing material distribution sites on campus.

SG, in partnership with Communication across the Curriculum, plans to equip three CxC studios with free testing materials to distribute to students, said SG president Stewart Lockett. These studios include Studio 151 in Coates Hall, the Art and Design Studio in the Art and Design Building and the Engineering Communication Studio in Patrick F. Taylor Hall.

“What better way to distribute Scantrons on campus than spaces that students are already going to work on projects,” Lockett said.

SG will continue to distribute free testing materials in their office on the first floor of the LSU Student Union, Lockett said.

Lockett said he expects the initiative to launch by the beginning of next semester. SG originally planned to launch the initiative before final exams this semester, but they put the initiative on hold while CxC waits for a new

program to track the distribution.

“When we hand out testing materials, we like to count those numbers to get data on what senior colleges are using them, what classification, are these students living in [residence] halls,” Lockett said. “We like to have that information with testing materials, so we can target our

outreach accordingly.”

Students can swipe their Tiger Cards to receive testing materials in the studios, similar to the SG office in the Student Union, Lockett said. Students can receive two Scantrons per swipe.

Lockett said this initiative originated in the previous SG administration, but he and other members of SG have been working on it since the start of this semester. Lockett said Nedanovich’s opinion article sparked a sense of urgency in SG to pass

the initiative.

“We saw [the opinion article], and we were like this is an awesome opportunity for us to go into overdrive because students really want to see this initiative,” Lockett said. “We really wanted to make it happen because students want to see it happen.”

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