2.10.19 revelries

You might have seen or more likely heard, The Revelries playing at your favorite bar in Tigerland. The alternative rock band is based in Baton Rouge near LSU’s campus and the band is about to perform their first show as headliners at the Varsity Theater on Feb. 16.

The Revelries consists of four members. First, there’s the lead singer, Beau Bailey. Bailey is 22 years old and a business junior at the University. Next, there’s bass player Hoyt Brignac, 24. Then, there’s drummer John Lewis, 23, who graduated last May from LSU with a degree in accounting. Finally there’s the newest member of the band, guitar player Logan Maggio, 21. Maggio is a finance junior at LSU.

Each of the members have played their instruments for several years before coming to LSU. Bailey has been playing guitar since he was 15 years old. Brignac has been playing bass since he was in middle school. Lewis started playing drums when he was around 3, but didn’t start taking them seriously until he was in fifth grade. Finally, Maggio started playing guitar at 12, but wasn’t as passionate about it until he started getting interested in music theory in high school.

The band came together about a year and a half ago. Bailey and Lewis met on campus through the fraternity Sigma Nu. They got into contact with Brignac through mutual friends and they all started jamming together. Maggio is the newest addition to the band and joined only in the past few months.

Before playing guitar for The Revelries, Maggio played guitar for another local band called Burnhouse. The band met Maggio when both The Revelries and Burnhouse were opening for another local band, Neutral Snap.

Though together the band make music the is classified as “alternative rock” on Apple Music, the boys have different musical influences. Bailey is influenced by the British band Catfish and the Bottleman, Brignac by City and Color, Lewis by U2, and Maggio by John Mayer. However, the band says that their band influences are different than their personal influences.

“If you take the Naked Brothers Band and they had a baby with Justin Bieber and One Direction and then that kid ran into Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys step-daughter, that would be what we’re going for,” Lewis said.

The Revelries are an original band, but they do do covers live at certain venues, such as Fred’s. Over the past four months the band has gone to Nashville four times to record their EP, which should be out in early March. They plan on releasing two singles before the EP comes out.

The Revelries are available for streaming on Spotify and Apple Music. Currently they have songs out called “Blonde Hair. Blue Eyes” and “Abbot Kinney.”  Catch them at their first headlining show at the Varsity Theater on Feb. 16.

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