Some people run marathons and other people just enjoy a simple jog around the neighborhood. If neither of those are your cup of tea, then the Fat Boy Flip Flop .5K might be your best option.


Zippy's Sign informing the party is there on Friday, Febuary 22, 2019 on Perkins rd.

Feb. 22 marked the second annual Fat Boy Flip Flop .5k, which brought lovers of craft beer and good food together to run up and down Perkins Road to various restaurants, including Zippy’s, Bumsteers, Overpass Merchant, Ivar’s, Tin Roof Brewing, Kalurah Street Grill, Duvic’s  and Rock-n-Sake.

The racers were allowed to start at any of the eight restaurants and were allowed to move at their own pace from establishment to establishment. At every restaurant, there were several food and drink specials awaiting the racers. Unlike other races, the Fat Boy Flip Flop .5k doesn’t stress their participants out with a finish line or medals for first, second and third place. They just want everyone to eat some good food and have fun.  

To run the race, each racer must pay $20 to register. With that, they receive the Fat Boy Flip Flop .5K t-shirt, race decal, a drink special race card, a wrist band and other special products. This year over 200 people signed up for the race, which is a big improvement from last year.


The crowd hustles for more drinks on Friday, Febuary 22, 2019 in Zippy's.

The Fat Boy Flip Flop .5K actually started from a joke made by a Zippy’s regular named T.J. Louis Mykoff , manager of Zippy’s and University graduate, is an avid runner and T.J. was joking about how there should be a race that’s more his speed. Together, they came up with the idea for the Fat Boy Flip Flop .5K. The flip flop part stems from the fact that TJ is always in flip flops.

Though this was only the second year the event has been going on, there was a great turnout and everybody looked to be laughing, having a good time and enjoying the food and drinks.

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