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The Duchess interviewed local group Captain Green to find out why they stayed in Baton Rouge, the wave of original music coming back to Baton Rouge, Captain Green as "resurrecting that renaissance," the transition from their first to second album, how the Florida music scene is their second home, and sing some of their favorite 90s guilty pleasure jams. 

Captain Green played Chelsea's Back to School Bash Friday, August 28th. Here is their interview and check out their in-studio performance below. Thanks to The Swan for filming/editing. 

1. 0:30 Captain Green TOUR DATES

2. 2:00 Local groups The Easy, Trailer Hounds, Onion Loaf

3. 2:45 Captain Green played with New Orleans' Stoop Kids and Tuscaloosa's CBDB at Chelsea's Back to School Bash 

4. 3:45 The Duchess asked about their first album Everywhere Is Where It's At

Everywhere Is Where It's At

5. 4:50 Goro from Mortal Combat


6. 5:47 Album artwork for Protect Each Other Together

protect each other together

7. 6:40 Austin's Grateful Dead tribute band Forgotten Space is mentioned 

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