Attention Baton Rouge! The all-star local group that is Ship of Fools will be giving Baton Rouge the best local music show of the summer this Saturday, May 21st, at Spanish Moon.

Ship of Fools, who have been together for nearly one and half years now, have been making waves within the Baton Rouge and Louisiana music scene since they hoisted their sails and began performing. This year alone they have performed at SXSW, won the LSU Battle of Bands and have performed at one of the most popular LSU events in the spring, Groovin', where they opened for Danny Brown and Santigold. Since that performance, they have been working on their EP which will be released this Saturday at their show, recording a new music video and organizing a summer tour to New York with this Saturday's show being the kickoff for the tour. 

This show marks a milestone for the young and ground-breaking group. They will be releasing that night, May 21st, their first EP for the world to gawk and fond over. The release of this EP has been highly anticipated for the band and their fans. Always delivering stellar live performances, the band only truly lacked a viable collection of their recorded music. Part of this was fixed by the release of their single "Handle Myself" and by the release of their live sessions entitled The Live Cajon Sessions but now they are rounding themselves out with the release of their self-titled EP. 

Luckily, the Fools were able to spare a few moments to come record a live session and do an interview with KLSU's own, Da Maestro. They talked about the upcoming show, their EP, the evolution of the band and much more. You'll find the full interview below. 

Again, their EP release show is this Saturday, May 21st, at Spanish Moon. It is free and open to the public. 

If you would like to follow Ship of Fools and grab some of their music , check out their FB and bandcamp

Also, if you would like to donate and support Ship of Fools' summer tour, check the link!  

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