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TONIGHT: Slomile Swift with Humble Kind @ Chelsea's Cafe 9.11.2015

Local producer Slomile Swift, aka James West, makes it easier for you to groove at shows. He understands how unaware most listeners are about computer music, and knows people can connect with instruments at shows like drums and keys. Slomile is a saint. He pairs his sample-based production with other instruments, and thus, brings glitch fused jazz to Baton Rouge. 

slomile live

With his hip hop influenced samples and jazzy set up, Slomile creates the perfect connection to the audience. The musicians he invites on stage provide a looseness similar to the improvisation of jazz bands. As Slomile's friend and keyboardist, Jeffery, says in the interview with Masta Beats, it allows the musicians to play creatively while sticking to the rhythm Slomile's beats provide. This fresh, creative energy for a electronic show makes every live performance unique especially when the musicians change each show. 

Speaking of which, local indie folk group Ship of Fool's percussionist, Eric Brown, will be joining the show tonight along with local vocalist, Chloe Johnson.

Slomile was born and raised in Baton Rouge. He played with many local bands such as England in 1918 and glam-pop group Prom Date where he learned how to make music. He is also an active musician in the traveling jazz/hip hop influenced electronic music, Dolo Jazz Suite.

Listen to Slomile Swift and his friend/keyboardist, Jeffery, say all this and more with an interview by Masta Beats below.

Slomile will be playing music from his EP, Keep Back, tonight. Listen below. 

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