the grinch

The classic story of "The Grinch" has been retold for the second time on the big screen, this time going back to its roots as an animated, full-length movie. 

Even though it isn’t a traditional Christmas story, the Grinch has been a staple of Christmas culture among the ranks of Rudolph , Frosty the Snowman,  and Santa Claus  himself. When people think Christmas  , their minds go to the Grinch .

The newest “Grinch ” movie premiered Nov. 9 and has since made around $180 million dollars at the box office . The movie also has a brand new cast, with stars like Benedict Cumberbatch , Kenan Thompson , Rashida Jones  and Pharrell Williams   lending their voices to the characters.

“The Grinch” also follows the same storyline as its predecessors. The Grinch  hates Christmas and wants to take it away from the people of Whoville and then, in the end, he realizes the true meaning of Christmas  and becomes a good person who spreads holiday cheer. However, the latest installment adds more emotional layers and gives more dimension to the classic characters.

The Grinch  is given the same sad backstory about how he grew up an orphan and never got to celebrate Christmas  with a family. However, in the new rendition, he eventually realizes he doesn’t hate Christmas  — he just hated the loneliness he associated with the holiday. Cindy-Lou Who  is also given a bigger role in this version, with her own story-line about how she wants to trap Santa Claus  so he will help her hard-working single mother.

What the movie lacks, however, is the snappy one-liners the Jim Carrey version gave us. The movie does have its share of humorous moments, but it lacks the flair and sass of the Grinch character we knew before.

Instead, the movie focuses — and succeeds — on being a good, wholesome family movie that everyone can enjoy.  It is entertaining from start to finish and there is never a dull moment. The bright and crisp animation style will keep everyone intrigued and the bright colors add to the happy Christmas wonderland of Whoville.

Though the movie lacks some of the original Grinchiness we know and love, adults and children alike will enjoy this retelling of the classic Christmas  story that has enough emotion and happiness to make the hearts of everyone watching it grow at least three sizes.  

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