Dub of Thrones

"Beautiful mother nature, she's hoping her children will love her again like once she remember, before skyscrapers and chemical plants when she was all that we had before they polluted her sacred land" -Ziggy Marley

  1. Dreamland-  Bunny Wailer

  2. Beautiful Mother Nature-  Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers

  3. Mama Earth-  Sister Carol

  4. The Future (Clean It Up)-  Burning Spear

  5. Rainbow in the Sky-  Ziggy Marley

  6. Wonderful World, Beautiful People-  Jimmy Cliff

  7. Smoke Two Joints-  The Toyes

  8. One Good Spliff-  Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers

  9. Kaya-  Bob Marley & The Wailers

  10. Equal Rights-  Peter Tosh

  11. Mr. Brown-  Bob Marley

  12. Ruff We Ruff- Don Carlos

  13. Ganja Smuggling-  Eek-A-Mouse

  14. Harvest Time-  Don Carlos

  15. Sooner or Later-  Jimmy Cliff

  16. Johnny Coolman-  Toots & The Maytals

  17. True Rastaman-  Fred Locks

  18. None Shall Escape the Judgement-  Johnny Clarke

  19. Spanish Harlem-  Jackie Edwards

  20. Turn Back Hands By Time-  Glen Ricks

  21. Humanity (Love The Way It Should Be)-  Prince Lincoln

  22. Good, Bad, and The Ugly-  Sly, Robbie, & The Taxi Gang

  23. La Bamba-  Ambilique and Chevellle Franklyn and Taxi Gang

  24. Hotel California-  Edi Fitzroy & Bigga Star

  25. Putting On The Ritz-  Mighty Diamonds

  26. Iron Throne Dub- Alborosie feat. King Jammy

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