Ezra Furman- Big Fugitive Life

Ezra Furman; an LGBTQA+, Jewish punk rocker with inspiration from some of America's greatest music lyricists.

Anyone who listens to my show, QueerSphere, will know that I adore Ezra Furman to the end of the Earth. He's incredibly sweet, shows active interest in various events happening in social movements (including Conservative Judaism, BLM, and Trans Rights movements, just to name a few), and overall has one of the most unique sounds in rock today. With a blare of horns and rapid paced drums he gets your feet grooving to his songs that are akin to mad lab experiments.

When I contacted him about an interview, he was extremely excited and has kept in touch with me now and then when I have questions about his brilliant and sometimes hidden allusions.

Here's my interview with him, I hope you all enjoy it.

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