The Slumber Party

Shoegaze initially exploded in the 90’s. Mother bands such as The Jesus and Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine, and Slowdive pioneered the genre and continue to influence bands in the present. Shoegaze is, above all else, a haven for exploring the outer limits of atmospheric guitar sounds. It’s music for dreaming. Psychologically, it focuses inward and can create a musical synesthesia: textured tunes that you can see, touch, and taste. From Psychocandy to Modern English Decoration, The Slumber Party dives deep into experimental reverberation, dream pop swirlies, psychedelic soundscapes, and ethereal guitar tones. Let’s get blitzed out and blissed out in sound waves. Tune in from 11a-1p on Saturdaze to kick off your weekend with a cosmic celebration.