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As writers and creatives, we love absorbing media. From stories and books to music, movies and TV shows, our staff is always on the lookout for new and different things to read, listen to and watch. We want to engage with you, our readers, and recommend what we’re into — and hear if you have any suggestions for us, too. We’ll publish our Legacy Loves series on a weekly basis. Give it a try, and maybe you’ll find something new to love.

"Chilling Adventures of Sabrina," Netflix

This week, Netflix released its darker remake of “Sabrina the Teenage Witch.” Once a 1960s comic book turned ‘70s TV show turned ‘90s TV show, Sabrina faces the mortal and witchy world yet again, this time with a serious satanic vibe. The show features the same characters we know and love, the boyfriend Harvey, the aunts Zelda and Hilda and Salem the cat but with a perfect backdrop to get into a spooky mood for Halloween on Wednesday. The first season has 10 delicious, hour-long episodes you won’t want to miss.

"Escape this Podcast"

This podcast is perfect for any puzzle or escape-the-room fanatic. “Escape this Podcast” is a full audio escape-the-room game. In each episode, the puzzle-maker creates a new scenario filled with clues, and the guests try to solve how to escape the room, created solely in the puzzle-maker’s mind. Listeners can download full notes for each room fromescapethispodcast.com to play along with the podcast, or run their own games at home. “Escape this Podcast” is a great way to keep your brain sharp during this spooky szn.

"Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj," Netflix

On Sunday, Netflix introduced two episodes of its new weekly series “Patriot Act” hosted by Hasan Minhaj. In his show, Minhaj talks all things politics, culture and news but with his own witty twist. He delivers most of his commentary on a stage with a full audience, giving off clear stand-up vibes. The first episode, “Affirmative Action,” gets into a lawsuit brought against Harvard University by Asian-American students that could end affirmative action. In episode two, Minhaj confronts the troubling state of Saudia Arabia following the death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. We’re already looking forward to episode three next Sunday.

"Fresh Off the Boat," ABC

This one’s an oldie, but a goodie going into its fifth season on ABC, but we’ve been binge-watching the earlier seasons on Hulu. Starring our fave lead actress from “Crazy Rich Asians” Constance Wu, “Fresh Off the Boat” hilariously depicts the lives of immigrants in America based on the real story of chef Eddie Huang and his family’s move from Chinatown in Washington D.C. to suburban Orlando. The next episode airs on Friday, Nov. 2.

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