(Left to right): Daryl Lally, Tyler Jones, Robert Nicklas

Three men were arrested on LSU's campus early Sunday morning after allegedly stealing a John Deere utility vehicle. 

Tyler Jones, 22, Robert Nicklas, 22 and Daryl Lally, 21 were all charged with theft of a motor vehicle, while the driver, Lally, was also charged with a DWI. LSU Media Relations Director Ernie Ballard confirmed the three men are not University students. 

LSUPD officers noticed the vehicle occupied by three males in front of Huey Long Fieldhouse. Two of the men immediately began walking away when they saw police cars approaching, until officers gave commands to stop, according to the arrest reports.

The officers were able to confirm ownership through an LSU property tag and found the vehicle to be valued at $10,818. All of the markings on the vehicle indicated it was obtained from the University football locker room. 

Lally admitted to having been drinking earlier in the evening. His breath sample on an Intoxilyzer 900 registered at .16g percent Blood Alcohol Concentration. 

Editor's Note: Details have been added to more accurately reflect the story. A previous version of this story included a video. The Reveille could not confirm if the video was the same incident, so it was removed from the story. 

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