Kristian Fulton (CB#1) - 92 OVR 

Key Stats:

SPD - 93

MCV - 94

PRC - 92

It took him a while to get onto the field; but when he did, he showed the SEC why he was so highly touted out of New Orleans. Playing behind Greedy Williams, Kevin Tolliver and Tre’Davious White will teach a corner just about all he needs to know. Fulton backs up his smarts with an incredible physical ability to run with and adjust to receivers. Starting slow does not always guarantee a slow career. Just ask Tre White and Deion Jones, both of whom were ranked 78 in 2013; I think they turned out just fine. 

Derek Stingley, Jr. (CB#24) - 82 OVR

Key Stats:

SPD - 94

ZCV - 85

RET - 92

Stingley comes into LSU with higher expectations as a cornerback than perhaps anyone since Kevin Tolliver. He should be able to back it up if spring and fall camp were any indications. Tiger fans should be prepared to see Stingley dominate for the next three years, then continue to do so at the next level.