1.21.19 Weather Photo story

The sun sets above the parade ground on Monday, Jan. 21, 2019.

As the coronavirus spreads around the United States and in Louisiana, LSU has decided to transition from in-class learning to online classes next. Often when students take exams online, they have to pay to get the exams proctored. We are only halfway through the semester and students have numerous exams left to take. The University should pay for this online proctoring service. Students have already spent thousands of dollars to pay for courses, and they also pay a student technology fee which is supposed to help support student life. The unforeseen cost of proctoring online exams could cause financial strain on many poorer students who choose to take the exams. However, some students might not be able to afford to take exams online at all, and they would get left behind academically. The University should subsidize the cost of proctoring the online of exams for students with money from the university budget or aid from the state government. Students should get free online proctoring because exams are part of our coursework and so the University can keep retention rates up.

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