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LSU Students walk across the Quad on Monday, Dec. 2, 2019, at Louisiana State University.

LSU Division of Strategic Communications announced in a broadcast email today that all Spring Intersession, Summer Session and Summer Intersession classes will be conducted in an online format. 

The decision was made in advance to allow faculty time to plan and students the ability to decide what courses they want to take before scheduling closes and fee bills are distributed, according to the email.

We will ensure that even though these classes move online, the Intersessions and Summer Sessions are as robust as ever," the email said. "We are committed to keeping you on track for graduation. I know you will all rise to this challenge as you have risen to the other challenges we are already overcoming."

Faculty who teach Intersession and Summer Session courses will receive more information as the University finalizes its plans. Students should first direct questions to professors teaching specific courses or the academic department or dean's office through which the courses are offered. Any other unanswered questions can be directed to

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