First Day Back in School

LSU students relax Tuesday, Aug. 25, 2020 in the Student Union.

Ten students are isolating on-campus after testing positive for COVID-19 and 13 are quarantining on-campus due to coming in direct contact with an infected person, according to LSU spokesman Ernie Ballard.

These numbers are for students who have nowhere off-campus to isolate or quarantine, said Ballard.

The University updated the number of positive cases of coronavirus today, reporting 182 positive cases in the last five days. There are now 229 total coronavirus cases across campus.

These numbers come despite all COVID-19 testing centers being closed on Monday and Thursday of last week due to Hurricane Laura.

As of now, no plans have been made to move classes online prior to Thanksgiving break.

Other universities across the nation have already made the decision to move online after seeing the impacts of COVID-19 on their campuses, including the University of Notre Dame and the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill.

Notre Dame transitioned to fully virtual coursework after the first two weeks of the fall semester, when they reported 150 cases. UNC transitioned online one week after in-person classes began, with 646 cases being reported after the first day.

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