On a sunny Wednesday afternoon in Free Speech Plaza, Student Government representatives released the names of this year’s Groovin’ opener and headliner to anxious students and passersby.

As SG progresses to its next chapter, the 2016 acts for the event break tradition in more ways than one.

Electronic artist Santigold will headline the event after an opening act by rapper Danny Brown. The selections take a different direction from years past, as Brown is the first rapper in a few years and Santigold also stands out as the first female headliner.

Last fall’s “Battle of the Bands” winner Ship of Fools will kick off the event at 6 p.m. in the PMAC on April 8.

SG director of programming Mackenzie Mistich said Santigold is a popular choice on the KLSU radio station and has made rounds on the festival circuit. She said SG wanted to bring the University a performer who is “very relevant.”

“[Santigold’s] very different,” Mistich said. “She’s electronic, she’s alternative, she does a lot of hip hop ... she’s a lot of everything.”

For her performance, Santigold will earn $90,000, while Brown will claim $27,000. With the exception of Groovin’, Mistich said Santigold will not appear again in the South on tour this year.

After dropping her third album “99¢” in February, Santigold will tour the country until May. The Philadelphia native is best known for her hit singles “Creator” and “L.E.S. Artistes.”

Though SG senator Lauren Accardo admitted she only knows a handful of Santigold’s songs, she said she is still looking forward to her performance.

“She’s definitely someone that only a few people know, but she’s a really great artist,” Accardo said.

Brown’s name rings a more familiar bell within the University community. Well known for the release of his second album, “XXX,” Brown has toured with A$AP Rocky, Schoolboy Q and Vampire Weekend in the past.

While not completely familiar with his music, chemical engineering junior Mindy Duong said she is interested to see what turnout is like for a rapper.

“We haven’t had a rapper in a while, so I’m very interested to see if a lot of people are gonna come because we’ve had more alternative bands in the past,” Duong said.

Mistich said she hopes an on-campus location will encourage more students to attend this year’s event than last year’s in the Baton Rouge River Center. She said students who bring their IDs get free floor seating, and the public can get free upstairs seating.

Despite approaching six other possibilities before ultimately choosing the acts, Mistich said she thinks the Groovin’ crowd will appreciate Santigold’s high energy and Brown’s relevancy.

“We’ve picked [performers] that worked with their schedule, with our schedule and within our price range,” Mistich said. “I’m so excited.”

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