Local small business owner Michelle Matherne showcases her detailed cookies outside of French Truck Coffee on Wednesday, Feb. 6, 2019.

Most people’s homes are spaces for relaxation and recreation, but for Michelle Matherne, things run a little differently.

Matherne is the owner of Sugar Kettle Cookie Company , a bakery that creates custom, intricately iced cookies. She handles every step of the process, from designing to decorating, straight out of her very own kitchen.

Michelle Matherne only began baking about a year ago. After her children left for college, she decided to use her newfound free time to pick up a hobby. One night, she was watching a baking show, and the idea hit her.

“I was lonely,” she said. “I had always had my kids around, and [baking] was something different.”

Matherne started teaching herself to bake by watching videos and reading blogs. She learned by trial and error, tweaking recipes to work in the Louisiana heat and humidity. Within a few months, it started to grow into something more than just a hobby.

“Once I started I just kept going.” she said. “It never really stopped.”

Matherne was giving her creations to friends and family, and after some positive reviews, they began encouraging her to sell them. She started small, making a batch of Mother’s Day themed cookies for her husband’s office. The treats were well-received, and from there, Sugar Kettle Cookie Company blossomed.

Now, the business creates cookies for anything and everything. Matherne routinely receives orders for business openings, weddings and birthday parties, among other things, and works to create a custom design for each client.


Local small business owner Michelle Matherne explaining why her cookies are so good outside of French Truck Coffee on Wednesday, Feb. 6, 2019.

Her cookies are all made from the same basic sugar cookie recipe, occasionally tweaked to change the flavor, but the decoration is what makes her confections stand out. Each cookie begins with an intricately piped outline and is then flooded with royal icing to create a flawless look.

They’re almost too perfect to eat. Almost.

In the future, Matherne wants to experiment with more flavors and vegan and gluten free options, but her newest idea is much bigger than that.

“I would really like to venture out and have a cookie van.” she said, “That’s kind of what I’m working on right now.”

The baker intends to drive the van herself, selling cookies at events and festivals, food truck style. This way she can sell her creations fresh, but still reach customers not buying for a specific occasion.

Though the business doesn’t have a physical storefront, Matherne is still deeply involved in the Baton Rouge small business community.

“I started seeing what people are putting into this area art wise and business wise,” the baker said. “I just love the whole local vibe.”


Small local business owner Michelle Matherne displays her popular cookies outside of French Truck Coffee on Wednesday, Feb. 6, 2019.

Matherne is even planning to sell her cookies in a few boutiques in the area, connecting her to the community even more. Until then, you can find Sugar Kettle Cookie Company’s confections for sale at pop up events and markets around the city, or you can order your own, custom batch via the company’s Instagram or Facebook account.

Stay up to date on Sugar Kettle Cookie Company’s newest ideas and designs by following @sugarkettlecookieco on Instagram or Facebook.


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