the weeknd

Stars: 3/5

The Weeknd always delivers silky, smooth vocals mixed with raunchy lyrics that keeps fans coming back for more, and I’m no different. I love The Weeknd just as much as the next person.

When his latest original album, “Starboy,” was released, fans all over the world came together to sing his praises for reinventing himself and dropping the bad boy, druggie persona. With his new EP, “My Dear Melancholy,” The Weeknd shows his softer side.

The velvety croons of the vocals mix with the soft undertones of the instrumental backgrounds to create a perfect blend for listeners.

Regardless, the EP does get a little bland. All the songs sound similar. Though the music is beautiful and moving, listeners might start to get bored after they hear three songs in a row that sound exactly the same.

Even The Weeknd’s sultry crooning can’t save the repetitiveness of the EP. The lyrics are somewhat softer than his earlier hits but still have that underlying tone of sinful pleasure. By far the best song on the track is “Try Me,” but good luck trying to distinguish it from the rest of the album based on sound alone.

Obviously the EP is about his heartbreak, but it’s also a bit slow and out of touch from his previous works. Overall, it has a nice sound, but it’s probably not for you if you were a big fan of The Weeknd’s older music.

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