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Stars: 4/5

The word “read” has many meanings. It is commonly used as a verb, meaning to cognitively interpret characters to form sentences. Recently, we have seen a shift in the social context of this word, arguably pioneered by drag queens. According to RuPaul’s Drag Race Dictionary, to "read" is to “wittily expose a person's flaws (i.e. reading them like a book), often exaggerating or elaborating on them; an advanced format of the insult.”

Crissle and Kid Fury from “The Read” podcast took that idea and ran with it. The first episode was released in 2013. Since then, the pop-culture comedy podcast has gathered a large following, sharing a few thing in common-sass, ass and a little class.

The two hosts and friends Crissle and Kid Fury have backgrounds in entertainment. Crissle West was born in Oklahoma and made her living as a writer for several magazines including “ESSENCE” magazine. She moved to New York shortly before starting “The Read” with Kid Fury. Kid Fury was born in Miami and moved to New York before creating a gossip blog called “The Fury,” which is a celebrity gossip column. He also holds a popular Youtube channel, “Kid Fury TV.” The two hosts bring funny commentary, as well as cold, hard truth to their podcast. It wouldn't be the same without the sass from Fury and the truth, or, “tea” from Crissle.

Each show is about an hour or so long and talks about a popular topic surrounding a celebrity. You may think that you know everything that you need to about Kim Kardashian’s life, but you won’t until you've listened to “The Read.” The show beings with Fury or Crissle bringing up the pop culture topic of concern before Crissle reads a few listeners' letters and the hosts conclude the show with one last “read.” They shed light on a celebrity or an event surrounding a celebrity. This is where the “reading” is truly done.

They have episodes covering A-list celebrity scandals, such as Drake’s one night stands, as well as episodes covering D-list celebrity drama from reality shows like “Basketball Wives.” “The Read" truly covers all areas of celebrity drama, which keeps its listeners entertained and informed.

Crissle and Kid Fury swing from topic to topic, so, if you can’t handle more than one conversation being open at one time, I wouldn't suggest this podcast. If you're like me and love the challenge of interpreting multiple narratives, then this is the podcast for you. There is never a moment of silence in between topics. The two hosts fill every minute of the show with conversation, laughter and gasps.

“The Read” is a good podcast for anyone who needs a break from reality, but that isn't to say that real, genuine content can’t be found on this podcast. If you delve deep into the messages of each “read,” you can learn more about the social mores that Crissle and Kid Fury hold, which is a beautiful thing.

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