Tevas, such as the those pictured above, range in price anywhere from $50 to $120.

Often boldly patterned and strapped to the foot, Tevas provide the latest alternative to Chacos. Neither are hard to spot on campus. Worn by both women and men, with or without socks and during nearly every season, both Chacos and Tevas are a student favorite. However, despite Chacos’ campus popularity, Tevas are now bringing notable competition.

Compared to Chacos, Tevas are the cheaper alternative. Chacos range from $80 - $130, while Tevas are priced at $50 - $120, with a select few sandals costing more than $100.

“Tevas are most certainly cheaper, and they seem to be easier to wear,” accounting sophomore Mary Catherine Gillespie said. “[There’s] less time taken to put them on and off, and the adjusting of Chaco’s straps can be stressful.”

However, some Chaco wearers attribute the cost to their longevity.

“While they may be expensive, I have found they have lasted so long,” Gillespie said about Chacos. “I bought my first pair in 2010, and they still work and look good.”

Chacos were originally created as footwear for outdoor activities, so they are made to be water-resistant and durable.

Though sports administration senior Virtuous Poullard has never worn Tevas, she said based on her observations, Tevas are not long-lasting and do not provide foot support. Poullard has worn her Chacos to class and traveled with them to Europe and Asia.

Teva-wearer and mass communication junior Taylor Gyenis said Tevas are also long-lasting.

“Before I was born, my parents traveled, hiked and explored the outdoors,” Gyenis said. “When I was a sophomore in high school, my mom gave me a pair of her Tevas that were almost 10 years old. They were so funky and vintage, so I ended up wearing them literally everywhere, and that’s how I started my collection.”

Gyenis, a self-titled “#TevaDiva,” owns more than 15 pairs of Tevas. She wears them to parties, movies, the beach, class and out the shower. In addition to standard sandal styles, Gyenis owns a pair that have a three-inch platform.

While Chacos have a wide variety of patterns to choose from, Tevas offer not only various colors and patterns, but also four different types of sandals: originals, flatforms, flip flops and slides.

Tevas are not limited to outdoor styles. Some sandals have metallic, leather or ombre webbing, appealing to a more fashionable audience.

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