Senior pictures are an important part of your senior year. Nothing says "I'm graduating" like a picture of you popping a bottle of champagne in your grad cap.

If you're graduating on May 7 and need a last-minute photoshoot or if you're beginning your senior year and want to get a head start on your pictures, here's some places on and around LSU's campus that are the perfect spots to strike a pose in your cap and gown.

1. Mike's Habitat 

Mike the TIger

Mike the Tiger sits in the grass on Feb. 1, 2021 as visitors look on at the LSU tiger habitat at 16 N Stadium Dr, Baton Rouge.

This first spot might be a little basic, but come on, how cool is it to have grad pics with a live tiger. Where else could you go to college and have this kind of grad pic. Hopefully when you go Mike isn't sleepy or camera shy, but if he is you can always take a picture with the huge statue of him located right next to his habitat. 

2. The PMAC Ramp 

You won't have to go too far from the first location to get to this second one. It may seem weird, but this is probably the most perfect and most popular spot for LSU grad pics. Why? Well up at the top of the PMAC ramp puts tiger stadium right behind you. While it never rains in Death Valley this location is the ideal place to have your champagne showers. 

3. Outside your favorite building 

Journalism Building 2.4.20

The LSU Journalism Building sits on 3810 West Lakeshore Drive, Baton Rouge on Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2020.

We all have one. Whether it's just your favorite building to have class in, a building you worked at or your senior college's building, taking a picture there will make it unique to you. Personally, my favorites are the Journalism Building and Hodges Hall. Make them fun. I think a funny idea would be to take a picture by Himes Hall because we've all shed a tear there during our college years. 

4. Your favorite study spot 

Here's one that I don't see done enough. Odds are you have a favorite spot on or around campus where you loved to sit and cram before exams. This can be the library or a coffee shop. Personally, I'd love to take senior pictures at all my favorite coffee shops with my favorite orders. I wouldn't be entering my senior year if it wasn't for late nights at Highland Coffees. 

5. The Parade Ground

I feel like this location is a little underrated. Nothing screams LSU like the bell tower so why not have it in the background of your senior pictures. I'd suggest getting to this location early before people set up their blankets in the grass. This spot is also ideal if you want to take a senior picture with your four-legged friends.

6. The Quad 

Spring Time

White azaleas bloom on March 21, 2021 outside of Coates Hall in the Quad.

This seems like an overdone spot, but some of my favorite senior pics are located in the Quad. It's probably the best place on campus to get photographs with those stately oaks and broad magnolias. The arched, covered walkways also make for the perfect pictures especially around golden hour. 

7. Your favorite food spot 

Whether it's on campus or not, everyone has a spot where they chowed down for most of their four years. It could be your favorite restaurant in Baton Rouge or the place where you spent all your Paw Points at freshman year. Order your fave item and take a pic. It may seem weird but how cute would senior pics be if you had an ice cream from The Dairy Store or a sandwich outside of The Big Cheezy?

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