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Contestant pours their submission to the contest on Thursday, March 7th, 2019 at Light House Coffee.

Every week I, political communications junior Hannah Primeaux, will be visiting various local coffee shops in Baton Rouge and reviewing them based on atmosphere, taste, decor, seating and more.

Reviews will first be posted on The Reveille's official Instagram story and will feature a different LSU student each week. The full reviews can be found below and will be updated every Sunday! You can follow us on Instagram here.

Simple Joe Cafe: nine out of 10

Published Dec. 6, 2020.

As soon as you walk in, it's like you're home. You're immediately surrounded by the smell of fresh, homemade food and the sounds of a community that love each other at Simple Joe Cafe. Located at 3057 Government Street, Simple Joe's staff lets you know you're welcome anytime. 

The walls are covered in local art, and there are plenty seats available for visitors to sit and enjoy their coffee in a fun character mug while they eat brunch. The roast of the coffee is bold and full of flavor that is sure to keep you up for hours. 

"I love how strong the roast is and they didn't put too much almond milk to drown out the coffee itself," business management sophomore Elise Juneau said.

The specialty drink– The Mojoe– was smooth and, while it was incredibly sweet, it still had a rich coffee taste. It melted in your mouth like a coffee milkshake making it perfect for a hot Louisiana summer afternoon. 

Simple Joe Cafe is not a study spot, but it is a great brunch spot and the workers are sure to make you feel at home while you visit.

                    Hannah’s scores     Elise’s scores

Atmosphere:    10/10                    9/10

Iced latte:        8/10                     9/10

Specialty:         9/10                     8/10

Seating:           8/10                     7/10

Decor:             9/10                     9/10

Overall:           9/10                     9/10

 The Vintage: eight out of 10

Published Nov. 29, 2020.

New Spots in BR

The Vintage sits on the corner Saturday September 13, 2020 at 333 Laurel St.

The Vintage, located at 333 Laurel Street, is the perfect brunch spot to take trendy photos for your Instagram. With tall walls and funky décor, this café is bound to blend with any aesthetic.

There are plenty of seating options for any group size, and all of the chairs are very comfortable. With long tables surrounded by stools and booths that are closed in, you can choose between being out and the open or having a more intimate setting with no problems at all. 

The specialty drink, The Amber, is a creative drink found only on the baristas' secret menu. The drink– made of a mix of smoked paprika, salt, pepper and maple syrup– is not the choice for anyone with a sweet tooth.


The Vintage sits Tuesday, Sept. 29, 2020 open for brunch on Laurel Street in Baton Rouge.

"It's like a spice cabinet sneezed into a latte," said English junior Chase Granger.

The iced latte was classic, smooth and paired nicely with a side of beignets. 

The Vintage will definitely make an appearance on my Instagram in the future, and I'll be getting beignets for sure.

                    Hannah’s scores     Chase’s scores

Atmosphere:    9/10                     10/10

Iced latte:        8/10                     8/10

Specialty:         7/10                     5/10

Seating:           9/10                     10/10

Decor:             10/10                    8/10

Overall:           8/10                       9/10

Light House Coffee: nine out of 10

Published Nov. 22, 2020

Light House coffee

Customers enjoy the coffee while doing work Wednesday, Nov. 11, 2020 at Light House Coffee on 257 Lee Drive.

Light House Coffee, located at 257 Lee Drive, features a large open space that can make anyone feel welcomed. 

When you walk in, you are instantly met with "an abundance of joy and camaraderie from the various students studying and chatting that keeps this place feeling alive at all times," said graphic design junior Taylor Bourgeois. 

There's plenty of options for seating, whether it be just to chat or to get some serious studying done. However, some seats are much more comfortable than others, and if the comfortable seats are taken then you're out of luck. My personal favorite spot to sit is the large red couch under the art display of books, ordained with the text "everyone has a story" painted above. The couch is not just comfortable but offers a lot of natural lighting.

Light House coffee

Some 3D art sits on the wall Wednesday, Nov. 11, 2020 at Light House Coffee on 257 Lee Drive.

The décor is simple but meaningful and adds to the overall welcoming effect. The shop has a good blend of an industrial and homey feel. 

While the latte was very pretty before it was stirred, it did have to be mixed for the full flavor affect. The flavors melted beautifully together for an enjoyable experience, except for a slightly bitter aftertaste. 

"The cinnamon roll latte was a unique concoction that left nothing to be desired," said Bourgeois. "It came out at the perfect temp with a beautiful design on the foam and accurately resembled the sweet taste of a cinnamon roll."

Overall, from the moment you enter the café, you can tell the people who work there genuinely love Light House. While they are on the more expensive side of coffee shops in Baton Rouge, they are worth the price just for the experience.

Light House coffee

Light House Coffee sits on Wednesday, Nov. 11,2020 at 257 Lee Drive.

                     Hannah’s scores     Taylor’s scores

Atmosphere:    8/10                     10/10

Iced latte:        8/10                     7/10

Specialty:         7/10                     8/10

Seating:           8/10                     6/10

Decor:             9/10                      7/10

Overall:          9/10                       8/10


Garden District Coffee: seven out of 10

Published Nov. 15, 2020.

Garden District Coffee

Garden District Coffee sits on Wednesday, Nov. 11, 2020 at 2008 Perkins Road.

Garden District Coffee is a small haven from the constant bustling of Baton Rouge located at 2008 Perkins Road. With an outdoor patio covered in plants and string lights, the coffee shop is the perfect place to get dessert and coffee after a dinner date.

"The essence of Baton Rouge’s garden district neighborhood is captured by this beautiful little coffee shop," mechanical engineering junior Keagan Alexander said. "From the outdoor aesthetic to the wonderful granita, Garden District Coffee excels at atmosphere. Should they improve the indoor seating, I may feel compelled to spend my afternoon here lost in a book."

The iced latte was smooth and had a really nice blend of bitterness from the espresso and sweetness of the milk. It was also the cheapest of all of the coffee shops tried so far, which is an incredible bonus as a college student who is struggling to get by. 

The granita was refreshing in the heat, but also too sweet for my personal taste. It would be a nice summer treat for when Louisiana is at its hottest.

I enjoyed Garden District Coffee and will probably visit again, definitely to hang out with friends and admire the nature encompassing the patio.

Garden District Coffee

Garden District Coffee sits on Wednesday, Nov. 11, 2020 at 2008 Perkins Road.

                     Hannah’s scores    Keagan’s scores

Atmosphere:    8/10                     8/10

Iced latte:        8/10                     7/10

Specialty:         7/10                     9/10

Seating:           7/10                     6/10

Decor:             9/10                      5/10

Overall:          7/10                       7/10

Coffee Joy: nine out of 10

Published Nov. 8, 2020.

Coffee Joy

Customers enjoy the coffee Saturday, Nov. 7, 2020 at Coffee Joy on 3617 Perkins Road.

Coffee Joy is a hole-in-the-wall coffee shop located at 3617 Perkins Road. Getting coffee here is a one-of-a-kind experience filled with bold, flavorful coffee.

According to biochemistry sophomore and guest critic Georgia Guertin, the service is unmatched. The workers truly care about the quality of the coffee, and our server informed us he would never serve something that he himself wouldn't drink. 

When the server brought out the specialty drink, Costa Rican-blend Belgian siphon coffee, he explained the history behind the machine used to make it and exactly how it worked. The coffee produced by the siphon was incredible. The coffee had a rich chocolate undertone that was smooth and didn't need anything added to it. I have never been able to drink black coffee without sugar before, but this coffee was unlike anything I've had before.

The iced almond milk latte was equally full of flavor. It was strong and stayed so with their iced cubes of cold brew, preventing it from getting watered down.

The atmosphere of the shop matches the quality of the coffee. The décor is simple but elegant, including posters that explain the build of various coffee makers on a brick-accented wall. There is plenty of very comfortable seating options, no matter how long you are sitting for.

Coffee Joy

Some coffee art hangs on the wall Saturday, Nov. 7, 2020 at Coffee Joy on 3617 Perkins Road.

With instrumental jazz playing in the background, Coffee Joy is a great place to study and enjoy good coffee.

                     Hannah’s scores    Georgia’s scores

Atmosphere:    8/10                     9/10

Iced latte:        7/10                     9/10

Specialty:        10/10                    9.5/10

Seating:          8/10                      8/10

Decor:            8/10                      9/10

Overall:          9/10                       9/10

French Truck Coffee: eight out of 10

Published Nov. 1, 2020

French Truck Coffee

French Truck coffee sits on Wednesday, Oct. 28, 2020 at 2978 Government St.

French Truck Coffee, located at 2978 Government St., is a modern hangout spot in all the right ways. The café features trendy décor– like color-block walls– and good coffee in cups with no-straw lids, making them both sustainable and cool all at once.

The shop has lots of seating options both inside and outside, including rocking chairs in front of their popular yellow wall. Lots of options allow for different-sized groups to be studying, hanging out or having a photoshoot all in the same space. 

The coffee itself is smooth with a bold flavor straight out of New Orleans. Hence the name of their specialty drink, the NOLA iced coffee, which is a blend of iced coffee, sweeteners and your choice of milk. The shop has figured out the perfect ratio of sweetness to iced coffee, and it shows beautifully in this drink.

French Truck Coffee

A bag of coffee beans sit on Wednesday, Oct. 28, 2020 at French Truck Coffee on 2978 Government St.

The iced latte was smooth and easy to drink, but special guest Ogden Honors College Associate Dean Granger Babcock, Ph.D, said it wasn't sweet enough. The almond milk gives the latte a good flavor without overpowering the espresso and just enough sweetness that you can actually taste the coffee. 

"It's perfect for a coffee aficionado," said Babcock. "But for someone with a sweet tooth like me, it isn't enjoyable."

French Truck does have one major downfall; it is incredibly expensive. The quality and the atmosphere are worth paying a good price, but I would love to enjoy great coffee and company without having to break the bank as a college student. 

French Truck is fantastic, but I can only visit the café when I have a little extra money and can afford to really treat myself.

                      Hannah’s scores    Dr. Babcock ’s scores

Atmosphere:    8/10                     10/10

Iced latte:        7/10                     7/10

Specialty:        8/10                      9/10

Seating:          7/10                      10/10

Decor:            9/10                      10/10

Overall:          8/10                       9/10

Magpie Cafe: eight out of 10

Published Oct. 25, 2020.

Magpie Cafe is a small little coffee and baked goods shop located at 3205 Perkins Road, where all of the workers care about not just the drinks they make, but about every customer that comes through the shop. 

The interior décor is simple and aesthetically pleasing; the outdoor lighting creates an atmosphere perfect for spending time with friends well into the evening. Digital advertising junior Jordan Holloway described it as, "a peaceful haven amid a bustling city." However, the café is located on a major highway, meaning there is constant loud noise and honking, making it difficult to hear the people you are sitting with.

There were many places to sit both inside and outside, for big and small groups alike. The chairs are comfortable, but a little hard, so staying for a while is not a great option.

The latte was creamy and smooth and the first latte I've tried so far that was not bitter. It was a nice pick-me-up without being overly intense. Their specialty drink, the Roosevelt, on the other hand was incredibly intense. A shot of espresso shaken with three ounces of cold brew and milk is enough caffeine to keep you up for quite a long time. 

"Until trying the Roosevelt, coffee had yet to spur a party in my mouth," said Holloway. "I felt the energy with every sip, yet the drink forfeited no flavor."

Overall, I will definitely be visiting Magpie again, but I will probably sit inside next time.

                      Hannah’s scores    Jordan’s scores

Atmosphere:    7/10                     7/10

Iced latte:        8.5/10                  7/10

Specialty:        7/10                     10/10

Seating:          7/10                     8/10

Decor:            7/10                     10/10

Overall:          8/10                     8/10

La Divina: eight out of 10

Published Oct. 18, 2020.

La Divina

La Divina sits on Thursday, Oct. 15, 2020 at 3535 Perkins Road

Visiting La Divina is like returning home for the first time in a while and having your entire family there to greet you. It's loud, but welcoming, personal and overall a good experience.

The walls of the shop are covered in local art for sale, which coastal environmental sciences junior Jacob Cheng said added to the "nice and calm" color scheme. 

There are lots of seating options both inside and outdoors. On the inside, there is a separate section toward the back of the shop that has booths, which are great for studying when you want somewhere a little quieter than the front area. The only downside to having tons of seating options in a small building is that it feels incredibly crowded almost all the time.

La Divina

The inside of La Divina on Thursday, Oct 15, 2020 at 3535 Perkins Road.

The coffee was phenomenal. The espresso had a strong, bold flavor that was great on its own, but when coupled with almond milk created a texture and flavor that melted in your mouth. 

La Divina's specialty drink is an affogato that features your pick of gelato flavor and a shot of espresso. Ours had the honey lavender gelato, which has an overwhelming flavor that matches the espresso. At first the drink was great but after the gelato had melted, the flavor lost its touch.

I will definitely be visiting La Divina again, if not for the coffee, absolutely for the workers and the food.

La Divina

The register of La Divina on Thursday, Oct 15, 2020 at 3535 Perkins Road.

                      Hannah’s scores    Jacob’s scores

Atmosphere:    8/10                     8/10

Iced latte:        9.5/10                  7/10

Specialty:        8/10                     8/10

Seating:          8/10                     7/10

Decor:            7/10                     9/10

Overall:          8/10                     7.75/10

Highland Coffees: eight out of 10

Published Oct. 11, 2020.

Outdoor seating

LSU students study together on Wednesday, Sept. 16, 2020 at Highland Coffees.

Highland Coffees, located at 3350 Highland Rd, is the easiest local coffee shop to access from campus.

The coffee shop has lots of seating options both indoors and outdoors for people to study or chat with friends. However, it is often crowded and loud, making it difficult to actually focus and study. The shop also plays classical music at all times–and while it is a nice touch–coupling that with the already loud volume of chatty customers makes it difficult to accomplish anything.

The shop features lively art along the interior walls and a large painted mural on the back, creating a pleasant environment. The outdoor mural is complemented by numerous plants found in the patio area. Some students, including communication studies and history junior Madeline Holmes, consider the plants to "look forgotten about."

Coffee Shops

Highland Coffees

While the name of the shop is Highland Coffees, the shop features more than just coffee, like their iced teas, their pastries and their specialty drink, the Highland Sunrise. This off-menu item is a refreshing green tea mixed with lemonade and raspberry. It was sweet without tasting syrupy, which is exactly what I look for in my iced tea.

The latte, on the other hand, was not sweet at all. It had a strong espresso flavor, leaning on the bitter side. Out of the drinks reviewed thus far, Highland Coffee's espresso blends better with the milk than any other. It creates a rich texture that adds another level to the drink.

Overall, Highland is a great place to study and spend time with friends, as long as you're not caught during the busy hours.

                      Hannah’s scores    Madeline’s scores

Atmosphere:    8/10                     8/10

Iced latte:        7/10                     8/10

Specialty:        9/10                      8/10

Seating:          8.5/10                   9/10

Decor:            8.5/10                   6.5/10

Overall:          8/10                      8.5/10

Brew Ha-Ha!: seven out of 10

Published Oct. 4, 2020.

Brew Ha Ha

Brew Ha Ha sits on Thursday, October 1, 2020 at 711 Jefferson Highway.

Brew Ha-Ha!, located at 711 Jefferson Hwy, is unlike any other coffee shop I've been to in Baton Rouge.

The inside walls display a large array of local art, creating an eccentric atmosphere that feels welcoming. The structure of the building is split into three sections with varying amounts of space and noise levels, providing individual areas for customers to study, chat with friends, etc.

Brew Ha Ha

Students study on Thursday, October 1, 2020 at Brew Ha Ha on 711 Jefferson Highway.

While this concept is clever, the only area with size-inclusive seating is the backmost room, which is typically the quietest. This made it awkward to have conversation with elementary education junior Caroline Durr as we tried to respect those studying in silence around us.

The almond milk latte had a very bitter taste and an inconsistent flavor. Durr's drink of choice, a cold brew with pumpkin spice foam, had very muted, unsweet flavor since the pumpkin spice consisted of just a spice powder on top. While I wasn't a big fan of the cold brew, Durr said she enjoyed that the flavor wasn't overpowering, unlike most fall-themed specialty drinks.

My overall thoughts are that I would come again to either study or spend time with friends– if not for the coffee, at least for the cake pops and local art.

Brew Ha Ha

A couple of coffee mugs sit on Thursday, October 1, 2020 at Brew Ha Ha on 711 Jefferson Highway.

                      Hannah’s scores    Caroline’s scores

Atmosphere:    7/10                     9/10

Iced latte:        8/10                     8.5/10

Cold brew:       6/10                     8/10

Seating:          5/10                     8/10

Decor:            9/10                      10/10

Overall:          7/10                      9/10

City Roots Coffee Bar: seven out of 10

Published Sep. 27, 2020.

Image from iOS (2).jpg

The interior of City Roots coffee shop on 1509 Government Street shows the counter and menu items, taken Sunday, Sept. 27.

City Roots Coffee Bar is an aesthetically pleasing brewery found on 1509 Government Street. The building is small but the large ceilings and exposed brick make the inside feel much larger. There’s plenty of seating for all types of groups, from big tables for large groups, to bar stools looking out over the window for individuals to study and get work done.

The atmosphere itself is great, the workers are very nice and the music is always good. However, when there are a lot of guests and the music is playing, it is very loud inside. Luckily, there is still seating outside to lessen the distractions, but these chairs are not very comfortable if you’re planning on staying for a while. 

Psychology and criminology sophomore Susanna Schoek and I tried two drinks at City Roots: an iced almond milk latte and their specialty cold brew de crema. The latte had a good flavor but was incredibly strong. I recommend it if you like the taste of coffee, but, if you aren’t a fan of coffee and still need something to wake you up, the cold brew de crema is definitely the way to go. It features their in-house brewed cold brew and cream in a layered drink that tastes like ice cream. It’s amazing, but very sweet.

Overall I would definitely go to City Roots again, but probably not to study, just to visit with friends.

City Roots electric depot

Electric Depot, a multi-use building that will feature residential spaces and a host of small businesses, will be home to City Roots Coffee Bar. 

                      Hannah’s scores    Susanna’s scores

Atmosphere:    7/10                     8/10

Iced latte:        8/10                     9/10

Cold brew:       7.5/10                  7/10

Seating:          7/10                     7.5/10

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