Apex Legends

Season 7 of "Apex Legends" is new and fun to play. The new season is vibrant and provides a more strategic way to play with new character Horizon. Horizon is an astrophysicist who was betrayed and is working on going back in time to be with her son. 

This introduces the new map, Olympus. Olympus is colorful, vibrant and uniquely futuristic. The map has chic apartments, docks, a power grid, labs, estates and many more locations to fight in. It's an upgrade to the last map, and it's fun to play on, but watch where you step because you can easily fall off the map. 

Horizon has some cool abilities that are great for combat. 

Tactical Ability 

Horizon's tactical ability is gravity lift. She can manipulate gravity by boosting herself, teammates or enemies in the air. 

Passive Ability 

Horizon's passive ability is spacewalk. With Horizon's spacesuit, she can increase air control and reduce fall impacts.

Ultimate Ability 

This one is my favorite. Horizon can throw down a black hole that pulls enemies in and hits them with a blast. This is great to trap enemies and have an advantage in the fight.

Season 7 doesn't stop there. Players can cruise through Olympus with the Trident. Players can also escape the ring, escape enemies or just drive around with the first vehicle on "Apex Legends." 

Finally, "Apex Legends" introduces clubs. Players can build their own community and play with multiple players in their club. Players can either find one to join or create their own. You can choose if you want to have a competitive squad or a relaxed squad. There are also different ranks in the club.

Members can chat and play with each other. The admin and owners can send announcements to the club. There are also new badges to show off how well your club is doing. It's a great way to find people who have the same playing style and have a consistent group to play with.  

Season seven is already fun for me, and I've been enjoying playing as Horizon. She might be my new main as I grind through Olympus.

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