Looking for the face of game day apparel? Or maybe a trendy club t-shirt to rock with your members? Stop by B-Unlimited in Baton Rouge for custom ordered t-shirts with unlimited design options to suit any style or preference.

With their recent grand opening early this February, southern business B-Unlimited unleashed their vintage and modern spin on fashion here in Baton Rouge. This unique shop specializes in creating apparel to fit all SEC college football teams, including merch for our very own LSU Tigers. They also have apparel for Greek life and student organizations.

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LSU alumna Sophia Aviles, manager of the Baton Rouge chain, says that the focus of B-Unlimited is simply to “be unique, be true to you, and to be yourself.” 

“We want to make the best designs possible that show their personality,” says Aviles when discussing the purpose of B-Unlimited.

According to their official webpage, B-Unlimited started as a screen-printing company founded in Arkansas in 1994. Aviles works as a liaison between getting ideas and artwork from Baton Rouge to their headquarters in Fayetteville, Arkansas. 

Ben Clark, main owner of B-Unlimited, found that business benefited from a sorority at the University of Arkansas which led to the facility becoming a hot spot for Greek life apparel. With their main illustrator, Ben Strawn, paving the way, their hardworking art team receives help from newfound digital advancements such as screen printing and embroidery machinery which led “B-Unlimited" to rise to its peak in 2011. They currently serve over 200 college campuses nationwide with most stores now being available in each SEC school region and hopefully hitting Auburn soon, according to Aviles. 

Even though they specialize in t-shirts, they also produce “a plethora of products.” These include accessories, hoodies, fleece jackets, summer shorts, tank tops, bucket hats and more. All customized and personalized to fit anyone’s taste.

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You don’t have to be an artist to have an idea of what you would like to see on a shirt. Aviles reveals how even a poorly drawn stick figure-esque artwork gets turned into a magnificent design well-fitted for a t-shirt while still respecting the vision of the original artist. 

“We can really take anything and get the inspiration from the artist,” Aviles states. “If you want custom, you get custom.” 

B-Unlimited has an amazing art team with around 19 full-time artists, and Aviles and her girls at the Baton Rouge chain are creative enough to help you get started with whatever your vision is. On the other hand, if you are great with a pencil, you can sketch your own designs and send them right to the illustrators. Every detail from font, color, style and material are all included in the process, of course. Artwork is also free with your custom orders.

Their production facility also specialized in printing their apparel in “water-based ink” in opposed to plastisol ink. So, what’s the difference, and why does it matter? Plastisol ink is known for being those “stiff and bulky” shirts that are not comfortable at all. It’s the ink that's used for sports jerseys. Any shirt with plastisol tends to hold in moisture, including sweat, and is not breathable. However, water-based ink shirts are softer, soaks in moisture and is very breathable and overall, the comfier choice. The ink is blended in with the fabric to where it feels as soft as the shirt that it’s printed on. Oh, and not to mention one of the best parts; water-based ink is environmentally friendly. With the reduced risk of harmful chemicals being unleashed, “B-Unlimited” uses ink that is PVC free, which is safer to wear. 

With the inclusion of special ink, B-Unlimited also specializes in embroidery with high quality threads and equipment to create any design that is given to them. 

Located right on Perkins Road, B-Unlimited offers many trendy outfit must-haves for any college student. You can also find them on their websiteFacebook and even Instagram to check out any of their amazing designs and even try customizing your own.    

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