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Are you feeling nostalgic for one of your favorite childhood shows? Or are current shows just not your thing?

Luckily, 2000s sitcoms, cartoons, reality TV shows and dramas are making their way into modern streaming platforms, such as Netflix and Hulu. Netflix, unfortunately, doesn’t have a “Sitcoms from the 2000s” list as it does for the 1990s quite yet. On the other hand, Hulu has a mass selection of shows that first aired at the beginning of the millennium.

Here are some of the top shows from the 2000s on both streaming platforms:


Arrested Development — Netflix

The Office — Netflix

Family Guy — Hulu

Futurama — Hulu

30 Rock — Hulu

Drake and Josh — Hulu

Scrubs — Hulu

Everybody Hates Chris — Hulu

The Bernie Mac Show — Hulu

Malcolm in the Middle — Hulu

My Name Is Earl — Hulu


Breaking Bad — Netflix

Gilmore Girls — Netflix

Glee — Netflix

The Game — Netflix

Gossip Girl — Netflix

Charmed — Netflix

The Secret Life of the American Teenager — Hulu

Make It or Break It — Hulu

Greek — Hulu

One Tree Hill — Hulu

Sabrina The Teenage Witch — Hulu

Buffy the Vampire Slayer — Hulu

Veronica Mars — Hulu

Reality TV:

Kitchen Nightmares — Hulu

Flavor of Love — Hulu

American’s Next Top Model — Hulu

Beat Bobby Flay — Hulu

Fear Factor — Hulu

Jersey Shore — Hulu

The Hills — Hulu

Dance Moms — Hulu 

Cartoons/Children’s Shows:

Avatar: The Last Airbender — Netflix

H20: Just Add Water — Netflix

Victorious — Netflix

Powderpuff Girls — Hulu

Jimmy Neutron — Hulu

Danny Phantom — Hulu

My Life As a Teenage Robot — Hulu

Chowder — Hulu

Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends — Hulu

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