Community is one of those words we hear throughout our lives. It describes helping out a charity or volunteering time for a cause. But a community can be described as people sharing their love for food.

Misti and Brumby Broussard are the married couple who created BLDG 5. They met in Los Angeles where they owned a high-end furniture store. The couple wanted to move somewhere where their children can grow up with relatives, so they came to Baton Rouge.They fell in love with the area at the overpass and created BLDG 5.

The restaurant opens for lunch and dinner, but also features an opportunities for customers to go into their marketplace and grab a freshly prepared lunch to-go.

bldg 5

“That was something that was real popular in southern California where we lived before. We moved here where you can still have very great flavors and great food that you can have in a quick environment that can still be casual and enjoyable,” Misti said.

The menu features a dinner board up to a party of four for dinner. This continues BLDG 5’s community-based vibe. The Broussards want people to try new foods and share. It’s a great way to try foods not recognizable to customers.

“People will see the name and may not know what it is, but I want them to try, share, explore and experiment,” Misti said.

The space is laid-back, casual and has the warmth of home. And, that’s the vibe the couple wants customers to have. Misti and Brumby want customers to feel like guests at their home.

There is also an international feeling with decorations found at antique shops placed in the restaurant. Misti describes how day and night have different environments. At night on the patio, they put on hanging lights that give off a Austin-feel. They also have an European-style bar.

bldg 5

The most important aspect that highlights the restaurant is their appreciation for the neighborhood. Businesses usually compete with each other, but the Broussards think differently about how businesses should work.

“We believe in businesses supporting one another,” Misti said. “It’s not about what someone else does or doesn’t. It’s about supporting your neighborhood and how do you make things fun and interesting to where the whole area is where customers want to go.”

The lunch menu features craft salads, sandwiches, protein plates and seasonal sides. The dinner menu features some items from the lunch menu, but there are also three dinner boards and other small plates.

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