Everyone likes personal decor for their homes. It’s human nature to want to fill a home with knickknacks and art pieces that spark joy. It’s an incredibly

personal art, so why not create the decor yourself?

Board & Brush Creative Studio is a place to create custom signs without the cost and intimidation of learning each step individually. Instead of purchasing wood, stain and paint and hand painting designs and artwork, Board & Brush handles the difficult part for the customer— all that’s left to do is create.

Before coming in for their private or public party, customers find a design on the Board & Brush website. They have the ability to make minor tweaks or even add their own name. Once decided, an employee will print each customer’s custom stencil before their party and have wood prepared for painting.

Once the guests arrive, the fun part begins. Instructors demonstrate how to distress and stain the signs, and eventually the stencils are laid down to paint. After a few quick dabs with a sponge brush and voila, a custom piece of art is ready to be hung.

Board & Brush owner Andrea Lormond emphasized the point of the studio is to give customers the opportunity to create something they truly enjoy instead of just buying off the rack.

“It’s your personal touch,” Lormond said. “You get to put the right stain, paint and get to personalize it. Nobody is going to have your sign.”

This is Lormond’s second Board & Brush location. The first is closer to her hometown of Lafayette in Youngsville. She decided to open up this new

Mid-City location to be closer to the University and bring something new to the Baton Rouge community.

The new studio opened its doors Aug. 14, and they’re already gaining a devoted following. Lormond says she’s already seeing some familiar faces.

There’s a benefit to visiting more than once—a free sign after five trips. Board & Brush has a punchcard system, as well as double punches on Fridays, but that’s not where the deals end. When scheduling online, use code BBBATONROUGE for $13 off your first order.

The studio hosts everything from birthday parties to team building exercises to date nights, so there is no limitation on who to bring or what to create. The studio is even open to food and drinks, so the party can travel with the customer.

Above all, Board & Brush is about having the satisfaction of creating something individual and heartfelt, whether it’s for yourself or a loved one, without dealing with the additional stress of buying materials and creating designs.

Anyone is welcome at Board & Brush, experienced or not, young or old. The studio is simply a space for the customer to make their own, and the art is as well. Lormond believes that this difference is what makes the company special.

“It’s the memories behind it,” Lormond said. “It’s not just a sign that goes on your wall. You have a night out and you get to go home with something you’re proud of.”

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