Pizza in BR

Lit Pizza sits on 3930 Burbank Drive in Baton Rouge on Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2020.

National Pizza Day is on Feb.9, and there may be a craving for a delicious pizza. The melting cheese and sweet sauce will make any mouth water. If you're a pizza lover, this Sunday is the day for you. It's a day to express your love for your favorite pizza or to debate if pineapples are an acceptable topping.

The simple yet flavorful dish is loved by many, and others basically base their business around pizza. Here are five local spots around campus where you can enjoy a nice slice of pie. 

1. Rotolo's 

Located on 411 Ben Hur Road pizza lovers may be flabbergasted at the multiple options of pizza they can get. The restaurant also gives options to those who don't want pizza, but this article isn't about that.

Pizza in BR

Rotolo's Pizzeria sits on 411 Ben Hur Road in Baton Rouge on Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2020.

Rotolo's offers customers a choice of different kinds of pizzas such as their specialty and classic craft pizzas, craft your own and Chicago deep dish pizzas. 

Customers can either share a pizza with friends, or they can dig in on the delight of the pie on their own. 

Pizza in BR

City Slice sits on 124 West Chimes St. in Baton Rouge on Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2020.

2. City Slice

The Baton Rouge based restaurant is located on W Chimes St., which makes it convenient for those who live on campus. City Slice is the pizza spot for game days, or it can become a hangout spot. 

Customers will be able to build their own slice or enjoy the specialty pizzas that City Slice has to offer. 

If Sunday is your lazy day and don't want to step out, City Slice does Waitr to your home. 

3. Lit Pizza

Pizza in BR

Lit Pizza sits on 3930 Burbank Drive in Baton Rouge on Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2020.

If you are a picky eater or not impressed with vegetarian options, Lit Pizza on 3930 Burbank Drive is the place to go. Customers will have the option to pick multiple toppings for a price of $8. 

If you want to have say so in what you want on your pizza, grab your car keys and drive down to Lit Pizza to use that power. A personal pizza is who you are, and you can express that on National Pizza Day. 

4.Red Zeppelin Pizza 

If you're a music fan and love pizza, Red Zeppelin Pizza would be the right place for you. The joint on 4395 Perkins Road names their specialty pizzas after songs from Led Zeppelin, Freddie Mercury and AC/DC. 

Customers can also create their own pizza, too. 

5. Little Caesars

So, let's be realistic here. We're all college students, and we are probably stuck on a budget. We don't need to go to a nice restaurant to participate on National Pizza Day. 

Little Caesars is located on 3158 Highland Road, which is also convenient for those who live on campus. If you just want a cheap pizza to have for the day, Little Caesars is a great place to go to spend $10 on two whole pizzas.

There isn't a price on joy, so if you like Little Caesars, then buy your two boxes and keep the leftovers for tomorrow's meal. 

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