There are times when our stomachs tell us to go out to eat, but our wallets beg us not to. At Chow Yum Phat, you don’t have to worry about that anymore.

Vu “Phat” Le and Jordan Ramirez are longtime friends and business partners of Chow Yum Phat, which just opened at a new location under the overpass on Perkins only 10 minutes away from campus.

Ramirez and Le worked together at Tsunami, and they would do food pop-ups. The two eventually created Chow Yum Phat, and they pride themselves on not following the rules of traditional Asian dishes.

“We don’t want to hold ourselves to one type of cuisine,” Le said. “I want to keep it broad, so we can do whatever we want.”

Chow Yum Phat focuses on Asian street food and small dishes. Many people don’t want to spend over $50 just to have a fun night out with friends. Le and Ramirez understand that and want to bring customers the mindset of enjoying different small dishes.

“Me and my wife go out, and we order a handful of appetizers and small plates,” Ramirez said. “We don’t try one dish. We try what the restaurant has to offer, and we want to promote that style of dining.”

This type of dining promotes everyone to come together and enjoy great food, without having to worry about digging a hole in their bank accounts. Customers can enjoy dishes like baos, dumplings, ramen and appetizers. Ramirez and Le are building a menu to include new and unique foods.

Le and Ramirez are also coming up with future plans for brunch on Sundays and a late night menu for Friday and Saturday.

The atmosphere has a neighborhood-bar vibe where a community of people can come together. The interior of the restaurant also gives off a street style. Inside, there’s a painting that immediately catches your eye, and there’s a mural piece outside on the patio.

“Regardless of where you’re from or your status, this is for everyone,” Le said.

Le wants Chow Yum Phat to be known as a place where people can come together and have a good time. You can come and eat at the restaurant multiple times a month, because you’re not blowing your budget on one plate.

Chow Yum Phat prides itself on being unique among the other restaurants with their own twist on Asian street food. Affordable prices and a wide variety of foods attracts audiences who cannot afford to spend exuberant amounts of money when going out to eat.

Text that group chat and make plans with your friends or a date to enjoy a nice assortment of baos, dumplings or nice bowl of ramen. You don’t have to make a dent in your pockets to enjoy high quality food.

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